Sweet Turkey

25 Years Later.
They just don't make things the way they use to! This was my all time favorite dress as a little girl and it is now Hailey's favorite dress. Yes, it does have the Little House on the Prairie feel to it. She is such a sweet girl. This morning I was tidying up and found her Christmas list to Santa. If I didn't know her better, I would think she knows and was trying to manipulate us.
1. Smores (Remember Butterscotch the pony? This is her sister the paint. Not gonna happen this year.)
2. Bell to come alive. Anna painted a life size unicorn on the wall in her room. She has named her Bell and is like her imaginary friend.
3. Twin doll.
4. The homeless to have a home and have food.
5. My own room.
6. A good new year for everyone.
7. Santa C. You give everyone a present every year and now since you did such a good job, I have a gift for you. (Cookies???)
Love Hailey.

Such the humanitarian she is. Santa has his work cut out for him this year. I see about only one thing he can swing (the doll).


Lacey said...

Awww...that is so sweet. She has such a big heart. But come on mom...you can't make that horse come alive??? Too cute!

Courtney said...

What a thoughtful little girl! Will she be going to the Peace Corps?! The dress is too cute. I am wondering now if my Mom has any of my old "goodies" lying around.

Devin said...