Thursday Thirteen~ Things I have Done as a Mom Today

1. Got 4 little people dressed and ready to go to school.
2. Changed my bed because Hank peed in it yet again (this makes 4 for the week thus far).
3. Made breakfast.
4. So far I have buckled and unbuckled car seats 21 times and we still have to go get Hailey.
5. Played Slug-Bug.
6. Did a turkey craft.
7. Dishes
8. Laundry
9. Got baby food spit all over me and my favorite pair of jeans-thank you Hank.
10. Got baby vomit all over my shirt and in my hair.
11. Wiped to many little bottoms to count, well, at least I lost count.
12. Ran to the store and the mall with three little monkeys, but none fell down and hit their head.
13. Reveled in the joy of getting to watch my sweet ones grow.


Courtney said...

You busy Mama! Brennan and I were joking that I should one day count how many times I pick Cate up. No strength training needed!:)

Steph said...

Kudos to you Mama! Although I'm sure you really did 1,013 things this day!!!

Monday through Sunday said...

You are my hero!! great job! You deserve a medal...or a pedicure..:)