Home Alone

Just imagine me screaming instead of Macaulay Culkin. Max left to Pittsburgh on Sunday and its been me and the kids ALONE. It has been a lesson on being outnumbered. Even the dog has sided with the kids. Daisy is in her final years and has become incontinent. As a result I have the option of either euthanizing her or washing the rugs daily and trying to remind her to go outside. When ever she stirs, day or night, I leap to the door to get her outside before she has an accident. Here is a sample of one night home alone.

While making dinner I hear the click clack of her nails on the hardwood floor and jump on Daisy to get outside. I am holding Hank while tending to the stove, taking orders from the girls on how they want their burritos and trying to get drinks ready. I serve kids, sit Hank down and start getting my plate ready. Just as I sit down Daisy barks to come back in. I hop up and let her in. I sit back down and Karlie asks for some milk. Right, I left all the glasses on the counter. Get up and get the glasses and sit back down. Kaitlin drops her food in her lap. I get up and get napkins and clean up the mess. Hank starts to fuss as his food and mine are getting cold. I shove some green beans in his mouth and attempt to take my first bite. Like a wild animal I shove as much food in my mouth as possible because you never know when you will get another bite and you know for sure it will be much colder than it is now. We finish dinner with the normal hussle and bustle of feeding four kids.

Later while quizzing Hailey on her spelling words, nursing Hank and correcting her math homework, Kaitlin cries out that she needs to go "poop in the potty!" I tell her to head to the bathroom and I will meet her there. Throw one more word at Hailey while going to the bathroom. Too late. Poo-poo in her big undies and she is crying hysterically. I want to cry too since I now have to clean her and the toilet up that got smeared in her attempt to get there on time. Waaahhhh! Not to mention that Hank is now crying because he was interrupted in his nursing. Hailey yells from the family room that she is ready for the next word and Karlie is thankfully no longer singing her best Hannah Montana rendition. Get that fiasco cleaned up and its PJ time.

I am getting Hank's PJs on when I hear a huge thud and then a second later Kaitlin screaming. I run into the girls' room to find Kaitlin holding her head. As reported by her sister's and RJ she climbed up the bunk bed ladder and jumped off of it into her bed and bounced her forehead into the wall. I see the wall now has a circular dent in it and Kaitlin has a bright red goose egg. Only one more hour until bed time! I get Hailey in the shower and keep getting the other ones ready for bed. RJ and Kerrie are getting ready to leave and RJ is showing Karlie what a good baseball player he is going to be this spring and takes a nice swing with the T-ball bat. Little did he know Kailtin was sitting on the floor behind him and as he swung through he connected with the back of her head. Do you think the doctor is going to believe me that I am not abusing my kid? LOL. Now its time to dry Hailey's hair, brush teeth, diaper, and potty before bed. I tuck in the little girls while Hailey does some reading. I rock Hank to sleep and then tuck Hailey into bed. "Yes, Karlie I will get you a drink of water. Yes Kaitlin, here is a drink for you too. OK, Hailey I will heat up the rice bag for your growing pains." Ah, they are all in bed. Phew. Oh, I still have to finish grading homework and do the dishes.

The night is not much better. Between Daisy, Hank (who is still not sleeping through the night) and bad dreams I have been up anywhere between 3 and 10 times each night. It has been a long week of flying solo. They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. It sure does. I miss my partner in crime so much. Even though he is usually only home for a little while before the kids go to bed, it is still so nice to have another member on your team! Someone to share in the delight and trials of raising so many little kids. My admiration for military families has grown this week. What a whimp I am. I had one week solo and realized what a tremendous sacrifice they make for much longer periods. I am fortunate to have family near that have lended a hand to help keep me sane and I am so thankful for each of them. Tonight Max comes home, so I will be home alone no more!


Abbie said...

HOLY COW Katie girl. Never again will I complain about dealing with my TWO kids alone! hahahaha! Oh I do have to say I may have chuckled a time or two while reading that. Sorry. :)

melanie said...

:) You are my hero!

So glad that you will not be "home alone" for too much longer!