Labor of Love

Hailey received a mansion of a doll house from Grama Helen two years ago. It has been a treasure in our house since then. Hailey has spent hours upon hours playing with it. All of the dolls have names and personalities and she changes the decorations for the various holidays. As Karlie has gotten older she has become very interested in the doll house. However, Hailey and Karlie have different ideas about where people should sleep, how the house should be decorated and where the furniture should go. You know it is always trouble with two women in the house. So much bickering. Karlie decided it was time to get a place of her own. She never felt entirely welcome at Hailey's house. Even though they shared, it was Hailey's first, so she never really felt equal. I hear this happens with couples sometimes. :)

I got a great deal on one at Hobby Lobby. The only catch was you had to build it yourself. Max is very handy so I had no worries about his ability, it was going to be more of a time issue. Where could we keep it hidden so he could work on it once the kids went to bed and when would Max find the time? He was working 13-16 hour days and was gone for a week in the beginning of December. This instruction book was more like a novel than an instruction manual. He was going to need days, many of them to allow the glue and paint to dry. We had 9 days until Christmas and this is how it started.

5 Nights Later
We decided to keep the doll house in the shed out back and bring it inside each night to work on it. That was fine until the cold snap rolled through. One night after gluing the foundation together and placing it in the shed the temperature was so low the glue froze before it had time to dry. Since that wasn't going to work anymore, we moved the project to the basement bedroom and locked the door. It was too cold to paint outside. The paint would freeze, not to mention Max might too.

My husband is brilliant, the smartest person I have ever met. However, it's as if he has so much intellect he has lost his mind when it comes to common sense and safety. He decided to spray paint the doll house in the basement. He didn't want the fumes to smell up the whole house so he shut the door. Considerate fella, isn't he? He opened a little, itty, bitty window and started spraying away. I came down stairs after awhile to find the room a fog of pink. The man was practically hot boxing the room with NO protective gear on. No mask, no eye protection, and he had his good jeans on. This guy is a doctor and yet he was mindlessly huffing away on pink spray paint. His very livelihood depends on his eyes, yet he did nothing to protect them from the ruthless paint. It was so bad that after he came upstairs his nose hairs were solid pink. He blew his nose and you guessed it, pink boogers! The next morning he had a coughing fit and guess what color he coughed up? PINK! Was this a self experimentation in pathology or what? I was fuming to say the least. The next morning I drug the kids to Lowe's and purchased the OSHA certified drywall protective pack. At least for the white trim and staining the shingles he was protected. I wonder how soon until he develops lung cancer?
Anyway, Max spent countless hours building and painting this beautiful doll house. He patiently painted each little window trim and shutter. He glued each shingle in place and cut them to fit the angles around the roof. It was truly a labor of love for his little lady Karks.
I got to do the easy part, shop for the furniture. I always love a good bargain and Hobby Lobby had a sale where all doll house accessories were 50% off! This allowed Karlie to move to Park Place. She has already logged many hours setting up her new house. We are discussing wallpaper and what color to paint the rooms.

Now Hailey has requested an new coat of paint. Hopefully Max will wise up this time around so he will still be around to build Kaitlin one!


melanie said...

It is awesome! You guys are great! What a blessed little girl!

Splaneyo said...

That is gorgeous - great job guys! Growing up I had one my grandmother made for me. It didn't last long around my brother. Hopefully, Karlie's does not meet the same fate...