Poo-Poo Potty!

The long awaited day has finally come! Over the summer we tried to encourage Kaitlin to potty train by taking away the diapers. That resulted in pee on the floor, the carpet, outside, and in her pants. I gave up. It was too much with a new baby too. Everyone says when they are ready they will do it. So we waited and waited and then one day while her best teacher, Karlie, was instructing her on how to poop in the potty, she did it! I thought it was a fluke but she has decided to stay dry, even through her naps, and has repeated the glorious poop in the potty! We danced, we sang and we delivered our promises. I had bribed her with the promise of getting to go to the toy store and pick out a new baby doll and Grammy had promised a day out with her. So at 7pm one night I trudged out to the toy store to let her pick her poo-poo potty baby and last night Kaitlin got to pick out a bassinet for her new baby and then go out to eat with Grammy and Grandpa. Big doings. I am almost down to one kid to diaper! Whoo-hoo!!!


Monday through Sunday said...

One kid in a diaper...yay!!

I hope you are having a WONDERFUL Christmas season! It is a GREAT season!

new blog..new season..new name for me..:)


Courtney said...

What a BIG girl! She looks so very proud of her new doll/bassinet. Cate has the same one! I'm waiting for that glorious day too.

Lacey said...

Way to go Kaitlin!! I am not about bribery..i am all about it- especially when it comes to p.t. So happy that you have one less diaper to change. :0)

Liz said...

Hello Katie, my email has been difficult for me lately. I have one other one you can try. esimms@swrsd.org that is my work email. I have access to it all the time. I was wondering if you have alot of your little baby stuff around still or if you got rid of it already. And any suggestions you have for things to make it easier for me and tips or ideas I would appreciate it. Liz