Thursday 13 ~ 'Tis the Season

Here is a song for the season.

1. Celebrating the day my Savior was born. As a mother and now to a son as well, I wonder the feelings Mary had as she carried the son of God in her womb. It was such a heavy experience giving birth to a mortal, what must have been like to give birth to God himself?
2. Christmas lights. The soft glow of houses all around always puts a smile on my face.
3. Little kid Christmas programs. The more goof-ups the better.
4. Snow. We always hope for a white Christmas.
5. Christmas Trees. The smell, the way they light up the room and the feelings they conjure up.
6. Stockings. I have made all of our stockings. I am such a crazy planner that when I bought the material for Max 's and mine, I bought enough supplies for 4 more. I always wanted four kids, and have been planning it many ways for many years.
7. Christmas cookies. Making cookies with the kids is one of my favorite parts of Christmas time.
8. Deserts. There is always a party in need of baking and I really enjoy baking.
9. Shopping. I love to do this all year long, but especially at Christmas.  I have become quite the on-line shopper.  No toting kids around, no waiting in line.  I can do it during nap time.  I can do it while nursing.  I am crazy for deals and can window shop till my hearts content!
10. Family. Around the holidays we all make an effort to spend time with our loved ones.
11. Christmas Cards.  It is so fun to receive all the cards from friends and family and hear about their lives and see how they have grown.
12. Packages! The UPS man and I are on a first name basis (see #9). I ran into him at the grocery store and we recognized each other. He told me all about his 8 grandkids. He didn't realize I had 4 kids and I informed him that was because some are usually sleeping at nap time when he comes. He is now knocking very softly.:)
13. Presents. I love to give presents! I restrain myself during the year. The kids rarely get toys or stuff during the year. It has to be a big deal like getting potty trained or getting on the honor roll to get a toy. However at Christmas I lose all self control. I just keep picturing their little faces lighting up with joy and surprise. Max is eagerly counting down the days until Christmas as the bank account continues to dwindle.

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melanie said...

All AWESOME!! Tree, cookies, programs, lights, shopping...marvelous season! :)