Wii Had a Wonderful Christmas

Santa was good to MKHKKH this year! It was very domestic. The girls each asked for a doll. Karlie and Hailey wanted twin dolls. They were thrilled with their twins complete with matching outfits. Kaitlin wanted yet another baby doll (she only has 10) so I entered the world of American Girl. I didn't even know this world existed. Now I think I want a Bitty Baby. This is the cutest baby doll I have ever seen. I guess I will just have to buy one for myself when Hank grows up and is no longer filling that baby need.

Kaitlin also got a double jogging stroller just like mommy's. Karlie's other present was a doll house. Tomorrow I will post about the labor of love Max did to create this gorgeous doll house. Karlie was beside herself with all the furniture and little people. Hailey had the domestic dream of a Christmas. She got an Easy Bake Oven, a kids sewing machine and a cup cake maker. We have been baking up a storm. I am having so much fun reliving my childhood. I loved my Easy Bake Oven and now I get to do it all again! It is not quite as cool as I remember it (the stuff taste horrible) but it is fun watching the girls get into baking.
Per specific instructions from Uncle John, I got Hank the most "boy" item I could think of, a fire truck! Hank was mesmerized by all the lights and whistles. This fire truck should last him a few years. He also got books and the ring stacker. I have now purchased 4 of these things. Inevitably one of the rings get lost and we have had to get a new one for each baby. Luckily they are only five bucks.

Max and I got each other a Wii. We have had so much fun, although embarrassingly, I am a bit sore. You know you are out of shape if bowling and tennis on a video game make you sore. We have created little Mii people for our whole family and have enjoyed a lot of quality time knocking each other out boxing, beating each other at bowling, golfing and fishing as a family. I can see there will be a lot of Wii in our days over the break.


uncle john said...

Dude, Very cool truck

melanie said...


Lacey said...

A wii?? A wii?? Don't you love it?? I am in love with ours. I need to get you on guitar hero- you'd love it. We got mario kart for XMAS and it is also a new hit in this house.
Love all the girls babies and love that doll house. You tell Santa, he did good. :) so glad you guys had a very merry christmas!