9 Months Old!

Hank had his 9 Month check up today. He is the only baby I have had that laughed through his shots. The first one he was laughing so hard he didn't realize what happened. The second one he giggled and as she injected it he looked at me confused and with the third one he was laughing hysterically and it instantly turned into a cry. A baby can only take so much!

I guess we can no longer call him "Hank the Tank." He weighed in at 20 pounds (He feels so much heavier than that. Maybe my pediatrician has the same scale I do!), which is the 35th% and was 29 and 1/2 inches long, 80th%. A long string bean. We are happy to see January go. It has been one sickness after another. First it was RSV then Rotovirus, then a cold and now he has a double ear infection. The poor fella hasn't been able to eat well all month and his weight is showing it.

Aside from that and sleeping worse than a newborn, he is doing great. Hank has started to scoot and can get himself to sitting from his tummy. I am afraid he will be crawling by the start of next week. He also now has object permanence. Unfortunately I can't steal a choking hazard doll shoe away and replace it with a safe toy without a great deal of protest. The pediatrician said we are clear to venture into the finger foods and table foods. It all happens so fast. Wasn't he just my fragile, little newborn? Now he is ready to eat dinner with us. Amazing. We are eager for spring to come and bring health back to house.


Lacey said...

He is SOOO ADORABLE. Seriously..those pictures are awesome. And 20lbs at 9 months is only the 35%??? Hadley was 16 at 9 months. Hope you have your mop ready...because as you know dinner time is about to get a whole lot messier. I love watching him grow up Katie. He is so cute.

Abbie said...

In the words of Livie: HOLY FRUIT SNACKS!! I cannot believe he is 9 months old already. He is so darn cute it just about makes me sick!! :)