Girls Rule and Boys Drool

Sometimes the best laid plans of mice and men go astray. Mine certainly did. Once we found out Hank was going to be a boy I planned out a beautiful for room for he and Kaitlin to share. The colors were boy enough but soft enough for our little lady. There were ladybugs and dragonflies, cars, plains and boats. It is my favorite room in the house. All the furniture matched and it all went together so nicely. That is, everything but the two children it was meant for.

A toddler and a baby don't exactly make good roommates. One or the other is waking up all the time and then you end up with two kids awake instead of one. Babies sometime take a while getting back to sleep, so this becomes a chore to say the least. So we made a room swap. We now have a girls dorm going on and they have declared "NO BOYS", but if you read the fine print, Daddy and Hank ok.
Doesn't that cherry toddler bed that matches Hank's crib look fantastic with the white bunk beds?
Hailey's white desk got swapped with Kaitlin's bed, so now neither room matches. I am sure people think we are favoring Hank as the only boy by giving him his own room and making the three girls all share, but I had no plans for this!

But everybody is sleeping better and Kaitlin loves the endless sleep over. Getting her and Karlie to quiet down for the night is like getting house full of preteens on a slumber party to go to bed!


Lacey said...

Awww....I remember all the planning for Hank and Kaitlin but I love that the girls all are sharing a room. They are all going to be so close. And I know Kaitlin is just Loving it. I'm sure brother is enjoying some more sleep...and hopefully momma is too!!

Courtney said...

How cute, regardless of the non-matching rooms! You had good intentions, right? ;) I agree with Lace, I hope this equates to more sleep for ALL.