I Have Been Bit

The laundry goes undone. The dishes are piled high in the sink. There are no blog posts. The bills are not paid. Toys are scattered upon the floor. The house is a bloody mess. The kids can be crawling all over me, playing with scissors, or coloring on the walls and I don't even notice it as anything more than I would gnats. They asked, "Can we have candy for breakfasts?" I replied, "Ah-ha," not really registering what it was they were saying. Anything to keep them quiet so I can continue with my new love. I spent three days wrapped up on the couch, the bed, walking with it in my hand to wipe bottoms or change diapers. I devoured page after page into the night, sacrificing my precious sleep.

I have been bitten by the Twilight series. I read the first book in three days, which is quite a feat or defeat, depending on if you are judging the time it took to read with four kids or the state of affairs at the house. I have been sucked into a teen romance novel between a vampire and a high school girl. Sick. But it is oh so good. I am now onto the second one. There are more intellectual reads out there, but this has so much passion and suspense. The nice part is that it is similar to Romeo and Juliet in that they are star crossed lovers. Vampires and people can't get too close, or he might slip and kill her. It really is a thrilling story line. So if you want to let your house fall into a downward spiral, or you have nothing to do for a few days, I strongly recommend you take a bite into Twilight! I will let you know in a few days how New Moon is. It has started off so good I literally had to make a deal with myself not to touch the book all day yesterday. There was just too much to be done.


Blog a Blurb said...

Ah! I just learned about the series this fall from my students -- so many of the girls and a few boys were devouring them . . . and, hesitant and apologetic, so were many of my colleagues! Hear it is a great bit of escapism. . . Gee, after "Snot Very Fun," I can't imagine why!

melanie said...

I am going to check these out!

Lacey said...

Ha...all my friends at church have been reading it and I kept saying 'no thanks." But I must admit I am getting a little curious now...I may just have to try it out. Just finished "the Shack" and now have to read "Barefoot" for a book club I agreed to do this month...but twilight is next on my list. :) I love a good book!

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie, I finished all teh books and they are wonderful. I felt like a bad mom because my house sounded like yours. Very good book even if it;s for teen's. I love seeing your kiddos grow.

Love Stephanie( from Cali)

Courtney said...

I was wondering where you were! ;)

june cleaver said...

I have never heard of Twilight. Isn't there some amazing vampire named Edward or something like that in it?

Oh, I can't deny it. You know I love these books.

I love Edward.

I would leave my husband for him.