A New 2009

Last year we started a day of new for New Year's Day where we wear something new, eat something new, watch a new movie, and play a new game. This year, once again the new item for everyone was undies and socks. I can always count on Santa to provide those in the stocking! For our movie, the kids chose Kung Fu Panda. The kids had seen it before but Max and I had never watched it. It was a cute family movie. Our new game was Jenga which even Kaitlin could play with us. Kaitlin actually won one of the rounds.We tried two new foods this year. Hailey had seen pink cheese at the market and has been begging me to buy it. I thought it was mold making it pink and tried to persuade her otherwise but she was sure she really wanted to try the pink cheese. Karlie thought anything pink must taste good, so I grabbed that and a star fruit just in case the cheese was a bomb. The cheese is called Windsor Red Cheese and gets it color from wine, not fancy mold. It is very creamy and smooth. The kids liked it much more than the star fruit. We had a really nice day of new but somethings never change, notice the laundry waiting to be folded in the background? :)


melanie said...

I love this idea! I may have to incorporate this into our family..next year!

laundry..with all the fun..i have been bad :(

you should join Facebook..:)

Abbie said...

What a FUN idea!! Oh Lordy, if Liv saw PINK cheese she would be all over it. Her two favorite things...pink, and cheese. yikes.

And heck ya!! You should most definitely join Facebook! What a blast it would be! :)

Lacey said...

I love your traditions. I forgot you did that...I swore last year, we'd do that tradition this year and then forgot. Boo-hoo. We did get a new Movie- Horton...but failed to watch it on NYE. Anyway, happy new year Katie. I love reading your blog and being your friend. hope we can find a time to meet up this year!!