Something about being cooped-up inside, eating and eating and eating, the cold weather, and the post holiday lull create a powerful desire in many to change. I imagine it was this cyclical pattern that led to setting New Year's Resolutions. I am not immune to these desires. I want to change. My problem is I want to change in so many ways. Last year I set out with 13 resolutions. I wish I could gleefully report that I succeeded at all, but it was more like half. So lets review what I did accomplish and what got tabled to this year.

1. Make more time for Max and I as a couple. I want to go on at least 6 dates this year as opposed to our 2 last year.
Smashed this one!  Thanks to a very faithful babysitter (my mom) we went on numerous dates with rock climbing being one of our best!

2. Learn to give or throw away more. We love taking everyone's stuff and have a hard time letting go of stuff long after it has served its purpose.
This one is still a work in progress.  I have donated a lot this year and given away all my baby stuff (sniff, sniff). 

3. Start a daily devotional.
I never made a daily devotional but did start attending a ladies Bible Study.  I love going and spending an hour and half with women and God.  The study gives me the direction and guidelines I need.  So I think I will put this in the accomplished side.

4. Compete in the Tri For the Cure's Buddy relay team this August. Since Version 4.0 won't be out until May, that will give me only 3 months to train. I think I can do it if I only have one event (the swim) to train for. We will see how tired I am.
Total Failure.  Oh, but do I have the whopper of excuses.  Ready?  My baby almost died and was oxygen for 6 weeks and I had a cesarean.  How's that for an excuse?!

5. Lose baby weight by New Year's.
The scale says the right number but I still can't fit in my jeans.  Do you think they shrunk sitting in the dresser for over a year?

6. Take one vacation to somewhere.
We went to visit my sweet Grandma Helen in Omaha, NE in July!  Road trip with four kids including infant that had to nurse every two hours.  No, we were never illegal and took Hank out of the car seat to nurse while we drove. Never.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.

7. Clean my bathroom more. The guest one gets regular cleaning, but since no one sees mine it gets neglected.

8. Not be a "frumpy" mom. Warning Max- this may involve shopping.
Is it possible to get even worse than frumpy?  Now not only do I wear clothes that look as tired as I feel, they all have Hank vomit stains all over them.  I am sure Max can't wait to come home and nuzzle up to my sweet scent of freshly puked peas and breast milk.  This is definitely tabled to 2009.

9. Floss.
Failed.  I bought some new little toothpicks.  Maybe that will help this year.  Going strong so far all four days this year!

10. Knit something.

11. Sew something.

12. Read at least 4 books. My Secret Unicorn and Dragon Tales don't count.
What a loser!  I read 2 books, and I had to wait to do this post so I could finish the second one.  I read Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult.  It weaves a good tale of when the Amish world intersects with the American judicial system.  Very entertaining.  The second book I read was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  So pathetic, I know.  Hailey's peers are reading it and I wanted to proof read it to see if I thought she should read it.  It was a cute book but I decided to not let Hailey read it.  I think she could have handled the reading level but she is a very imaginative girl and I think it is a bit much for her, especially when killing unicorns is involved.  So I guess I have to add two books in addition to the four I want to read this year.

13. Learn how to budget.
Really want to do this in 2009.

I guess I got about half of my resolutions.  I would be doing good if this were baseball.  Well, no point to wallowing in my failures, lets see if I can start working on those 2009 (and left over 2008) resolutions.

1.  We started the New Year off right with a family bike ride.  Hank went for his first bike ride.  This was a good warm up for the training Max and I will be doing this year.  We have decided to do a triathlon together.  We are going to try and do an off road one in July.  I am excited and scared to do a coed triathlon.  The Tri for the Cure was a women's only triathlon and it was a very safe and supportive environment with all makes and models of women.  I imagine a coed one won't be quite as laid back but I am really looking forward to doing it with Max!  It should be interesting training with four kids.  I thought three was a challenge.

2. Read 6 books.  That gives me one for every two months.  Twilight is sitting on my nightstand as I type.

3. Floss.  Ugh.  I have tried to make this a regular habit for years.  What is my hang-up?

4.  Become more organized.  Max has become a bit of an organizational manager at work.  It is time to get the house and myself more organized.  I am hoping the expert can give me some free advice.  Letting go of stuff  and regular cleaning are part of it.

5.  Work on my frumpiness factor.  I am hoping as Hank gets older he will stop barfing all over everyone all the time and that you will actually smell my perfume instead.

6.  Save for our dream home.

7.  Continue to seek God's word.  My mother-in-law introduced me to this site Pray-as-you-go. It has a daily message and music. It is a great way for me to start my day with the Lord. I also hope to keep up the Bible study class.

Hopefully since I have pared it down to 7, I will be able to accomplish them.  Cheers to you all.  May 2009 be your best year yet!

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melanie said...

I am thinking the jeans have just mine! ha!

I think you are doing GREAT! I am blessed to have known you this past year and look forward to your wonderful posts in 2009. I love your heart for the Lord, your husband, and your family. You are a beautiful woman through and through. :)