Thursday 13 ~ Reasons I Haven't Been Back to the Gym Since I Got My Membership

1. Sick kids
2. RSV- scary respiratory bug that Hank had.
3. Rotovirus-terrible, foul smelling diarrhea and vomiting virus that prays on young children.
4. Karlie and Kaitlin’s gymnastic class on Tuesday
5. Bible Study on Wednesday
6. Library class on Thursday
7. Ballet and Tap on Friday
8. Hailey’s Karate class on Tuesday and Thursday
9. Twilight
10. New Moon
11. I have had a change of heart and decided I like my saddle bags and lumpy belly just the way they are.
12. No clean clothes. See numbers 9 and 10
13. I am finding any excuse under the sun because the one time I did go, I felt so out of place that I don’t want to go back. I had my frumpy old sweats, my armpit stained shirt, and my old tennis shoes on. I hadn’t showered or put make-up on and I had a regular water bottle. I didn’t bring my iPod or a cell phone. I was ready to workout and burn some fat!

I became very self conscious as I sat on the exercise bike and took in the people at the gym. Apparently you are suppose to look like you just got done showering after your workout before you even start your workout. Your workout clothes should be nicer than your regular clothes and should accent your rump and chest fairly dramatically. You should be listening to your iPod while running on the treadmill, watching the TVs and texting your friend (I don’t even know how to text, much less text and run at the same time). The really good ones can take a drink from their fancy metal water bottles too. I have a lot to learn about getting in shape gym style. I thought going to the gym was going to be easier than doing it with kids like I have in the past. Now I see, I fit in more with snot nosed kids than the gym kids.


Lacey said...

You are a riot Katie. And you pretty much summed up my local 24 hour fitness. Did you see an thonged leotards over bike shorts??? That's my favorite... LOL...

Courtney said...

LOL! What kind of gym is this?! Come on up to Montana!

Anonymous said...

I got to see your christmas picture recently. I am having my twins in Seattle near my husbands family. It is too hard to manage up here in Alaska when I can't go to the hospital near by. I am glad Hank is feeling better. Say hello to Max for me..if he remembers who I am ;-). Anyway you can also look us up on our blog at have a good weekend