Do You Yoga?

Upward Salute
Triangle Pose
Cat Pose
Downward dog.

Karlie was instructing Kaitlin on how to do Yoga. She had placed their "mats" down and was running her through an entire work-out one morning. Karlie loves to work out with Max and I. I am thinking she is going to major in Physical Education at college.

Stayin' Alive

It was a frightening weekend. Not even 2 hours after I posted about Hank and how babies are always trying to kill themselves, Mr. Hank decided to be a case in point. He had managed to unlatch my work-out watch off my wrist when I was holding him. It is one of those big old, ugly heart rate monitor watches with a rubber watch band. I thought it would be a safe and fun thing for him to teeth on. He was happily gnawing away while I changed his diaper. It is always nice to have something for them to play with when you are in the middle of changing a poop storm. Babies, apparently boy babies especially, have a tendency to try and stick their hands right in the middle of all the poop and then smear it around. Hank is lightening quick! The minute the diaper is off, his hands are down there!

Anyway, so I thought the watch was serving a great purpose. That was until I looked up at Hank as he started making a coughing noise. I glanced at the watch and saw he had bit off the metal clasp and then I frantically glanced in his mouth to see the shining metal in the back of his throat. I turned him over and nothing. I swept my finger in but couldn't get it. At this point I started to get very scared and must have started screaming because all the girls came rushing to Hank's room. I decided I would try one more time and then call 911. He was making noise, so I knew that was good, but I was still panicked. I stuck my pinkie finger down his throat and was able to hook the clasp and pull it out. I think the after was almost as bad as the actual event. I felt like jello all over and was shaking like a leaf. One kid should not get to scare their parent that much in one year! Thank the Lord he was OK and I learned that watches are not baby proof.

Well, one near death experience isn't enough for one weekend, so it was Hailey's turn. Early Saturday morning while I attempted to let Max sleep in, Hailey and I were surfing the net. I had just poured a nice big, hot cup of coffee. She leaned over to get a better look and spilled the entire cup over the keyboard of my lap-top. It was brown, no longer silver. I picked it up and coffee oozed from the bottom. I grabbed a towel and tried to soak up as much as I could. I was in shock. My baby was dying right before my eyes. She flickered one last time and then went out. I turned her upside down and tried to revive her, but coffee just spewed from her. I ran to Max and shook him awake. He is a doctor! Surely he could save my sweet Mac! He set her upside down and put a fan on her, hoping to revive her enough the get her to speak her last words from the hard drive... It was a tense day. There were many tears, mostly mine. Max looked at me with down cast eyes and held me and said, "there is no hope." I rubbed her side and said, "I believe in you. You can make it!" Max was already putting a new one in the Apple cart and asking for the credit card. I begged him to just give her time. Just 6 more hours I pleaded. He relented.

With bated breath we turned her on. Would she do it? Would she have just enough left to hand over the hard drive? YES! She sparked to life! I knew she could do it! That's my girl! We successfully backed up the hard drive. She continued to work hard and had beaten all the odds. Dr. Google can't explain it, he was sure it was fatal. Clearly a miracle. She only has a few scars from her near death experience. Her keys are sticky and creak, but I am sure with time and physical therapy she will pull through. The delete button opens the dashboard program and she doesn't like to go to sleep. I imagine she has nightmares. But all in all, she is running remarkably well for what she has endured. Nothing like my Mac.

So that was our weekend. :)

10 Months Old

Hank has grown up so much this month. He now has 5 teeth. His two upper teeth have a big gap between them giving him a bit of a hillbilly smile. He is still a very happy guy. He giggles easily, gives loves to anyone who will hold him and lights up the room with his sweet smile. He is also getting very big. He is in 18 month clothes!He finally decided that eating Cheerios, puffs, and wagon wheels is a good thing. Trouble is now he only wants to feed himself. That was a fast transition as he was only nursing and eating stage two baby food a week ago. Anything with more texture made him gag.

This month Hank also learned to crawl! My life is over. I can't turn around for a second without him finding the most dangerous item on the floor, rather it be a doll shoe, a plastic scrap, an electric cord, a pencil, or a little figurine. He makes a B-line for the potential choking hazard, has it in hand and it is on its way to his mouth before I can even blink. Why the nice, safe baby toys don't appeal to him is a mystery to me. If there is rattle or a doll shoe near him he doesn't even notice the rattle.

Babies, always trying to kill themselves! If they are not choking while learning to eat or finding little choking hazards on the floor, they are falling over with their their big heads in the lead trying to knock themselves out. He has taken a few tumbles already when pulling up. Hank also attempts to electrocute himself by trying to jam his fingers into the light socket! He is going to have those outlet plugs figured out before he turns one.

He has slept through the night a handful of times and is finally on a schedule. It has only taken 10 months! He wakes up at 5:30 a.m., naps at 7:30 and 12 for and hour and a half and then takes a cat nap around 4:30. Bedtime is at 7:30. Hank's favorite things are his sisters, balls, snuggling with mommy, and bath time. He says dada nonspecific, baba, and today tried to wave. Although when he gets excited he does this hand twist and wave, so he may have just been excited. We are loving having a little man in the house. :)

My Motto

If you can't beat them, join them. I give up. The monkeys have over taken the house. I throw out my white flag. It is pointless, really, to try and fight this uphill battle. They win anyways. I surrender to a completely dirty house. Time to stop wasting my life. :)

A PEEdicament

Our faithful and sweet Daisy has put us into a bit of a peedicament. She is almost 12 years old and has been peeing in the house nearly every day for months. She has become increasingly crippled by arthritis so that she only gets up to go outside and to eat. Otherwise she sleeps on her bed. Some days she even limps a little. The Vet has diagnosed her with beginning renal failure, hence the peeing in the house. There are oral arthritis medications she could take to help her with the pain but they would be working her kidneys too hard. So he suggested doing injections into the joints every other week at 16 bucks per injection. It doesn't take a mathematician to add that up. Twelve year old dog + peeing in the house + expensive arthritis medication = big problem. It would be one thing if the Vet said she has cancer or was near death, but he said she "probably had 2 or 3 good years left." Good by whose definition? Washing the rugs daily is not good. Watching her suffer in pain is not good. But do we just pick any old day and say, 'this is the day I will kill my dog.' She did eat two boxes of Girl Scout cookies yesterday, but how can I kill my first baby? She was in my wedding. She has been through four kids and is still loyal and faithful. She has allowed babies to crawl on her, poke her eyes, pull her tail and ears. She has been used as a horse, as a playmate for tea parties, to snuggle with when feelings are hurt. How do you just decide to put your dog down when she has slept in your bed, even under the covers? When she at one time was like a child to you? How go you make this decision? This grown-up stuff stinks. :( It was much better thinking the family pet went to a “farmer so she could have lots of room to run.”

Who Is Your Valentine?

We are God's. I saw this at church today and thought it was great! I hope you all had a lovely day with your loved ones and remember God's love for you.

Sweet Nothings

It is funny how something routine can become "special" for kids if it is presented differently. I wanted to do something "special" for my sweeties all week but without rotting their teeth in a weeks time, I started to run out of good sweet things to do. The heart shaped pancakes were only sweet the first time around. So I turned these nothings into "special" treats that the girls really liked.Heart shaped sandwiches for lunch were a hit.

I think cupcakes of any sort would have been special, but strawberry icing and fondant hearts made them extra special.

A heartfelt craft is always special. They did this when their friends were over, so they turned into Valentines for mom and dad.

There is nothing like a hot cup of coco on a snowy day. By adding a heart sticker and marshmallows it became a special treat.

Homemade blueberry ice cream (thank you Sneaky Chef) in a fancy glass was special indeed! Adding strawberry juice to milk was another sweet treat at dinner that was fun, festive and healthy.

I hope you all have a special day tomorrow. Love MKHKKH

Thursday 13~ Things I Love

1. God
2. Max
3. Hailey
4. Karlie
5. Kaitlin
6. Hank
7. My extended family on both sides
8. My little hut
9. My big car
10. Gymboree
11. A bargain or a deal
12. Food, especially Mexican
13. An occasion to celebrate

Sneaky Chef

I decided to check-out The Sneaky Chef from the library after a friend of mine was raving about an avocado milk shake her son loves. She went on to tell me that you make vegetable purees and hide them in your meals so the kids get extra servings of vegetables and fruits without even knowing it. I made three of the purees to see if I could incorporate them into my normal cooking. She offers many recipes but I wanted to try it on some of our family favorites.

As a family, in one week we at an entire huge, head of cauliflower, 2 zucchini, 3 carrots, a sweet-potato, 6 cups of strawberries, and 2 cups of blueberries in addition to our normal fruits and veggies! The kids (and usually Max) had no idea. As an example, you spread the carrot and sweet potato on the inside of quesadillas and then put the cheese on top. Karlie told me they were the best quesadillas I had ever made. LOL. We have been able to have lots of deserts by making "ice-cream" with frozen fruit and milk. It is a remarkable system. The only draw back is you have to spend a little time prepping the purees at the beginning of the week so they are available on hand in the freezer. But I am willing to spend a little more prep time to add that much bang to our regular eating. I highly recommend this for families and any one who wants to increase their consumption of fruits and veggies.

Something Sweet

I am hoping to do something sweet for my Valentines every day this week to show them a little about how much I love them. Today it was pink heart shaped pancakes with homemade strawberry syrup for breakfast. Lunch was easy with sandwiches cut out in hearts and a little love note tucked in their lunch bag. For desert we are having strawberry floats. No hope of losing weight this week! I would love to hear what you do for your sweeties.

He Sleeps!

For the first time in his precious life, Hank slept through the night! He went from 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m.! I had forgotten what a full night of sleep felt like. My body had too. I rolled over with painful rocks on my chest and in a pool of milk. Lovely. It was around four a.m. and I had to fight that panic feeling. Most parents of babies know the feeling I am talking about. The first time they sleep through the night and you wake-up first, you struggle with your own fears of your baby dying of SIDS. I mean, for nearly 10 months I have been up at least part of every night. Why would he just decide out of the blue to sleep all night? He must be dead, right? I laid there debating if I should go check on him or stay in bed and not risk disturbing him and wrecking my chance for a little more sleep. I was able to talk myself down that he was OK, but then I was sure he would stir any minute and be eager to relieve me of my new found rocks. Instead, I laid there for almost an hour before getting up. Oh well, there will be more nights of sleep.

First Date

Little Johnny came over for a play date. I was stunned how the boy-girl energy is present even at 7! They ran outside like wild kids until dark. Climbing trees, playing tag, all that good and fun kid stuff. Then they came in and had pizza and an eating contest. He bragged that he could eat a whole box. What a stud.:) He managed to choke down three giant pieces. We were all impressed.

Then they played Wii. He wanted to play baseball but Hailey wasn't very good at it. She kept striking out so he started throwing the ball softly so she could hit it. Despite his most gallant attempt to let her win, she still lost. They decided to move on to something else and went downstairs. Then Hailey came upstairs upset and said, "Mom, for some reason Johnny thinks I hate him!" I think this had something to do with the Wii game but not sure. Johnny came up and I said, "Johnny I think Hailey likes you a lot." She affirmed and a smile lit-up across his face. Oh, the miscommunication between the sexes. If only we all had a third party moderator to set us straight. Hailey then asked him if wanted to draw. He looked at her confused and said, "draw what?" LOL. Ahh, boys and girls. She convinced him to paint a Valentine for his mom. Already trying to get on the good side of his mom.

A little later Max got home and introduced himself. Johnny gave him a high five and challenged him to a Wii game of bowling. Max certainly couldn't decline a challenge on his own turf by Hailey's buddy! The game was fierce and intense. Hailey would give Johnny a shoulder massage between bowls to keep him loose. It was clear who's side she was on. Johnny would get a strike and point to Max and say, "burn!" It was quite comical. In fact little Johnny is quite the funny guy. Hailey told me he was the funniest guy in the entire galaxy and from her reports about in school, I gather he is the class clown. Johnny has had to go sit in the hall quite a bit per Hailey. He had our house laughing all afternoon. I can see why she likes him so much.It was near bedtime so I loaded Hailey and Johnny into the car to take him home. They played and giggled the whole way. They played rock, paper, scissors and the winner got to give the other one a bruise and the loser got to pull the other one's hair. Young love.

We entered Johnny's house to a chorus of "Ewww is that your girlfriend?" by Johnny's older brother and his friend. Johnny's mom was quick to step in and assert that it was his friend who is a girl. Very different. While I reported to his mother what a great kid he was and how much fun they had Hailey was in the middle of a wrestling contest with three boys. It was utter chaos with kids running upstairs, rolling on the floor, giggling, and laughing. Johnny's older brother came down laughing with a busted, bleeding lip. He said, "I got beat up by a girl!" His friend hollered from the top of the stairs that he was going to tell everyone at school about it. A few minutes later the friend came down with a fat lip, shaking his head saying, "I can't believe I got beat-up by a second grade girl!" Hailey was laughing hysterically. Johnny's mother was rooting her on and Johnny's dad said he was impressed with a girl that could take down three boys. Maybe we will keep going with Karate.

I had to literally pull Hailey out of the house. She giggled the whole way home about her wrestling prowess. Finally it was time to tuck her into bed. As I kissed her good night she erupted with one of those out of control giggles. Karlie and Kaitlin were already asleep, so it was like when you get the giggles in church and just can't stop laughing. She was bursting with laughter and trying so hard to keep quite. Boy crazy for sure. She passed the giggles onto me and I left her room smiling. Max went in a few minutes later and told me she was still just giggling away. Oh man are we in TROUBLE! They still have all girl boarding schools, right?

Thursday 13 ~ Ways I am Like a Granny

1. I like to knit. Hopefully by the time I am a granny I will be good at it.

2. I love to rock in my rocking chair, especially when holding children.

3. My feet are always cold.

4. I have poor short term memory.

5. I tell the same stories about my kids over and over.

6. Nothing beats a "granny pantie."

7. Lets just say after nursing four kids, pancakes that point south. I need to remember Victoria's Secret push-up bra in my prayers every night.

8. Well, after having four kids I had better not sneeze off guard or laugh too hard. :) I suppose Depends are in my future. I wonder if they are as comfortable as granny panties?

9. I identify with the values and priorities of that generation far more than my own.

10. I don't like to drive on the freeway.

11. I am most comfortable in my house clothes.

12. I love to cook big, heavy, unhealthy meals for family and friends and to bake sweets of all varieties.

13. I call people sweetie and honey if I like them.

"K" Buddies

"Karlie Loves to Hug Kaitlin" is the title of her artwork in case you are not fluent in 4 year old writing.I found this picture Karlie drew on Kaitlin's bed. Karlie and Kaitlin have a special bond. They are so close. They are best buddies. When I think of one of the most important things I hope to teach my children, it is to love their siblings. My sisters are my best friends and I know I can always turn to them.

While Karlie is at school Kaitlin continually ask, "Kar-Kar home?" They love to play babies together and are always hugging. Kaitlin will try anything if her K buddy is with her and Karlie takes the role of big sister very seriously. She is always calling Kaitlin, "Honey and Sweetie." Karlie helps her get dressed, get snacks and last night Kaitlin woke up crying and Karlie got out of bed and started singing to her. Such sweet girls, well they can be when they want to anyway.:)