First Date

Little Johnny came over for a play date. I was stunned how the boy-girl energy is present even at 7! They ran outside like wild kids until dark. Climbing trees, playing tag, all that good and fun kid stuff. Then they came in and had pizza and an eating contest. He bragged that he could eat a whole box. What a stud.:) He managed to choke down three giant pieces. We were all impressed.

Then they played Wii. He wanted to play baseball but Hailey wasn't very good at it. She kept striking out so he started throwing the ball softly so she could hit it. Despite his most gallant attempt to let her win, she still lost. They decided to move on to something else and went downstairs. Then Hailey came upstairs upset and said, "Mom, for some reason Johnny thinks I hate him!" I think this had something to do with the Wii game but not sure. Johnny came up and I said, "Johnny I think Hailey likes you a lot." She affirmed and a smile lit-up across his face. Oh, the miscommunication between the sexes. If only we all had a third party moderator to set us straight. Hailey then asked him if wanted to draw. He looked at her confused and said, "draw what?" LOL. Ahh, boys and girls. She convinced him to paint a Valentine for his mom. Already trying to get on the good side of his mom.

A little later Max got home and introduced himself. Johnny gave him a high five and challenged him to a Wii game of bowling. Max certainly couldn't decline a challenge on his own turf by Hailey's buddy! The game was fierce and intense. Hailey would give Johnny a shoulder massage between bowls to keep him loose. It was clear who's side she was on. Johnny would get a strike and point to Max and say, "burn!" It was quite comical. In fact little Johnny is quite the funny guy. Hailey told me he was the funniest guy in the entire galaxy and from her reports about in school, I gather he is the class clown. Johnny has had to go sit in the hall quite a bit per Hailey. He had our house laughing all afternoon. I can see why she likes him so much.It was near bedtime so I loaded Hailey and Johnny into the car to take him home. They played and giggled the whole way. They played rock, paper, scissors and the winner got to give the other one a bruise and the loser got to pull the other one's hair. Young love.

We entered Johnny's house to a chorus of "Ewww is that your girlfriend?" by Johnny's older brother and his friend. Johnny's mom was quick to step in and assert that it was his friend who is a girl. Very different. While I reported to his mother what a great kid he was and how much fun they had Hailey was in the middle of a wrestling contest with three boys. It was utter chaos with kids running upstairs, rolling on the floor, giggling, and laughing. Johnny's older brother came down laughing with a busted, bleeding lip. He said, "I got beat up by a girl!" His friend hollered from the top of the stairs that he was going to tell everyone at school about it. A few minutes later the friend came down with a fat lip, shaking his head saying, "I can't believe I got beat-up by a second grade girl!" Hailey was laughing hysterically. Johnny's mother was rooting her on and Johnny's dad said he was impressed with a girl that could take down three boys. Maybe we will keep going with Karate.

I had to literally pull Hailey out of the house. She giggled the whole way home about her wrestling prowess. Finally it was time to tuck her into bed. As I kissed her good night she erupted with one of those out of control giggles. Karlie and Kaitlin were already asleep, so it was like when you get the giggles in church and just can't stop laughing. She was bursting with laughter and trying so hard to keep quite. Boy crazy for sure. She passed the giggles onto me and I left her room smiling. Max went in a few minutes later and told me she was still just giggling away. Oh man are we in TROUBLE! They still have all girl boarding schools, right?

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Courtney said...

What a cute story! They do start young! Let me know which all girls school you'll be sending her to...I'll enroll Cate too. LOL! ;)