"K" Buddies

"Karlie Loves to Hug Kaitlin" is the title of her artwork in case you are not fluent in 4 year old writing.I found this picture Karlie drew on Kaitlin's bed. Karlie and Kaitlin have a special bond. They are so close. They are best buddies. When I think of one of the most important things I hope to teach my children, it is to love their siblings. My sisters are my best friends and I know I can always turn to them.

While Karlie is at school Kaitlin continually ask, "Kar-Kar home?" They love to play babies together and are always hugging. Kaitlin will try anything if her K buddy is with her and Karlie takes the role of big sister very seriously. She is always calling Kaitlin, "Honey and Sweetie." Karlie helps her get dressed, get snacks and last night Kaitlin woke up crying and Karlie got out of bed and started singing to her. Such sweet girls, well they can be when they want to anyway.:)

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Blog a Blurb said...

So tender! Pretty impressive writing, too!