Stayin' Alive

It was a frightening weekend. Not even 2 hours after I posted about Hank and how babies are always trying to kill themselves, Mr. Hank decided to be a case in point. He had managed to unlatch my work-out watch off my wrist when I was holding him. It is one of those big old, ugly heart rate monitor watches with a rubber watch band. I thought it would be a safe and fun thing for him to teeth on. He was happily gnawing away while I changed his diaper. It is always nice to have something for them to play with when you are in the middle of changing a poop storm. Babies, apparently boy babies especially, have a tendency to try and stick their hands right in the middle of all the poop and then smear it around. Hank is lightening quick! The minute the diaper is off, his hands are down there!

Anyway, so I thought the watch was serving a great purpose. That was until I looked up at Hank as he started making a coughing noise. I glanced at the watch and saw he had bit off the metal clasp and then I frantically glanced in his mouth to see the shining metal in the back of his throat. I turned him over and nothing. I swept my finger in but couldn't get it. At this point I started to get very scared and must have started screaming because all the girls came rushing to Hank's room. I decided I would try one more time and then call 911. He was making noise, so I knew that was good, but I was still panicked. I stuck my pinkie finger down his throat and was able to hook the clasp and pull it out. I think the after was almost as bad as the actual event. I felt like jello all over and was shaking like a leaf. One kid should not get to scare their parent that much in one year! Thank the Lord he was OK and I learned that watches are not baby proof.

Well, one near death experience isn't enough for one weekend, so it was Hailey's turn. Early Saturday morning while I attempted to let Max sleep in, Hailey and I were surfing the net. I had just poured a nice big, hot cup of coffee. She leaned over to get a better look and spilled the entire cup over the keyboard of my lap-top. It was brown, no longer silver. I picked it up and coffee oozed from the bottom. I grabbed a towel and tried to soak up as much as I could. I was in shock. My baby was dying right before my eyes. She flickered one last time and then went out. I turned her upside down and tried to revive her, but coffee just spewed from her. I ran to Max and shook him awake. He is a doctor! Surely he could save my sweet Mac! He set her upside down and put a fan on her, hoping to revive her enough the get her to speak her last words from the hard drive... It was a tense day. There were many tears, mostly mine. Max looked at me with down cast eyes and held me and said, "there is no hope." I rubbed her side and said, "I believe in you. You can make it!" Max was already putting a new one in the Apple cart and asking for the credit card. I begged him to just give her time. Just 6 more hours I pleaded. He relented.

With bated breath we turned her on. Would she do it? Would she have just enough left to hand over the hard drive? YES! She sparked to life! I knew she could do it! That's my girl! We successfully backed up the hard drive. She continued to work hard and had beaten all the odds. Dr. Google can't explain it, he was sure it was fatal. Clearly a miracle. She only has a few scars from her near death experience. Her keys are sticky and creak, but I am sure with time and physical therapy she will pull through. The delete button opens the dashboard program and she doesn't like to go to sleep. I imagine she has nightmares. But all in all, she is running remarkably well for what she has endured. Nothing like my Mac.

So that was our weekend. :)


Lacey said...

Poor baby (and Momma)...I can not believe he gnawed off the watch buckle. Who would have thought.
And I can not believe the MAC survived. I thought for sure she was a gonner. So did you go get your table set??

Blog a Blurb said...

WOW! It has made it, sort of. I was wondering if it could survive an entire cup of coffee. . . . As for Hank, way to go fishing Kate! Little bugger.

Anonymous said...

Oh...Katie I know how the incident with Hank feels. When Bailey was about 20 months she choked on a pretzel, but she wasn't making any noise. I did the finger sweep and all of it came out. I never thought that throw up could be such a welcomed sight. It went all over me,but I didn't care. That night as a lay in bed I was still shaking like a leaf during hurricane katrina.

Love to you all, Stephanie