Sweet Nothings

It is funny how something routine can become "special" for kids if it is presented differently. I wanted to do something "special" for my sweeties all week but without rotting their teeth in a weeks time, I started to run out of good sweet things to do. The heart shaped pancakes were only sweet the first time around. So I turned these nothings into "special" treats that the girls really liked.Heart shaped sandwiches for lunch were a hit.

I think cupcakes of any sort would have been special, but strawberry icing and fondant hearts made them extra special.

A heartfelt craft is always special. They did this when their friends were over, so they turned into Valentines for mom and dad.

There is nothing like a hot cup of coco on a snowy day. By adding a heart sticker and marshmallows it became a special treat.

Homemade blueberry ice cream (thank you Sneaky Chef) in a fancy glass was special indeed! Adding strawberry juice to milk was another sweet treat at dinner that was fun, festive and healthy.

I hope you all have a special day tomorrow. Love MKHKKH


melanie said...

You are such a fun mom!! :) Happy Valentine's Day to you and your precious family!!! :)

Thought this was so sad....


Lacey said...

Fun stuff. I didn't do it all week, but did heart sandwiches, heart cookies, strawberries, and cucumber hearts with ranch dip. The kids thought it was cool. Pancakes are for breakfast!! Hope you guys have a great Valentine's Day!

Splaneyo said...

Very cute. Guess I am going to have to check out that book after all.