Thursday 13 ~ Ways I am Like a Granny

1. I like to knit. Hopefully by the time I am a granny I will be good at it.

2. I love to rock in my rocking chair, especially when holding children.

3. My feet are always cold.

4. I have poor short term memory.

5. I tell the same stories about my kids over and over.

6. Nothing beats a "granny pantie."

7. Lets just say after nursing four kids, pancakes that point south. I need to remember Victoria's Secret push-up bra in my prayers every night.

8. Well, after having four kids I had better not sneeze off guard or laugh too hard. :) I suppose Depends are in my future. I wonder if they are as comfortable as granny panties?

9. I identify with the values and priorities of that generation far more than my own.

10. I don't like to drive on the freeway.

11. I am most comfortable in my house clothes.

12. I love to cook big, heavy, unhealthy meals for family and friends and to bake sweets of all varieties.

13. I call people sweetie and honey if I like them.


Lacey said...

We are a lot alike. You are a southern girl...even if you don't live here. :) I love you honey!! ;)

melanie said...

LOL...I have more in common with Granny than I thought..ha!

Toia said...

We have a lot of things in common. So does that mean I am a granny.....OH NO!!! :O

It is true!!! Oh, well, I guess I have to grow old gracefully :)

Funny post!!

Courtney said...

We are all grannies in training! Wish I could knit!

MandM said...

I think I identified with #2-13. I'm only 30-that's sad!! Love, Mel