Hanaha Montana Birthday

Karlie has always been one of those cling on kids. She is always into something rather it be Care Bears, Tinker Bell or now Hannah Montana. We don't get the Disney channel so I have never seen Hannah Montana. Karlie has seen it over at her best buddies house once or twice, but you would think she was the world's biggest fan. If she sees anything Hannah Montana, she wants it. Disney has done a fabulous job marketing her. Karlie can't even sing one of her songs, but she want all things Hannah Montana. She wanted nothing more than a Hannah Montana birthday party and we tired to do our best.

We made her invitation a Hannah Montana concert ticket with all the pertinent information. Max is a power point genius and was able to create this fun invite. We put them in purple envelopes and waited for all the rock stars to arrive.To decorate we had quite a bit of St. Patrick's day decorations up so we added some large purple stars to hang from the ceiling. Of course we had all the paper products to help too. Luckily Hannah's colors are green and purple. We created an electric purple guitar with cream cheese frosting. Karlie was delighted with the finished product.

We also had green and purple grapes for snacks and Hannah Montana fruit rolls. For drinks we had grape Kool-Aid (keeping with the purple theme) in green cups. The party bags had Hannah Montana lip gloss and compacts(for the girls), glitter hair gel, and parachute men and whoopee cushions for the boys and glitter pencils for both. We made Rock Star Play-doh (thanks for the idea Heather) using grape cool-aid.

Our two youngest rock-stars were hamming it up.
Karlie with all her adoring fans watching as she blew out her candles.

We played pass the microphone. As each child got out, they went to the rock star make-over station and got to pick out temporary tattoos. This was by far the hit. Kids just love putting these everywhere. Pin the microphone on Hannah was next and then they all got to take a swing at the pinata. When we weren't doing something the kids were all rocking out in Scott and Chrysti's bounce house.
I took a picture of each guest with Hannah and Karlie to send as the postcard thank you note.

Karlie was quite pleased and is already talking about what next year's theme will be. One down, three more birthdays to go!


Splaneyo said...

What a great party - your cake looked great and such fun ideas.

Courtney said...

What a fun party! I'll have to steal your ideas once Cate is that age! I LOVED the invites! Good job Max!

G GPA LARRY said...