Spring Is In The Air

With the first day of spring we welcomed back our house bunny. She lives under the front of the house and yesterday was the first time we have seen her out since last year. She was busily gathering grass and straw. I wonder if we won't be seeing a baby bunnies soon.
Our Daffodils have also announced that spring is on the way. Usually by Easter the front of our house is blooming with Daffodils, Tulips and Hyacinths. I am always so happy to see the vibrant colors after a long, bleak and colorless winter.
Maybe I was craving some color or perhaps I just fell off the wagon. It is really all my Aunt Kathleen's fault. I would have been fine but she had to call and tell me that Crocs was having their spring warehouse sale where they start at $5.00. Well, you put sale and Crocs in the same sentence and that is like offering a heroine addict a free hit. So I made the 45 minute car journey with my sister and R.J., stood in line where police were directing traffic and being line monitors, changed a poopy Hank in line, took 3 little girls to potty in port-a-potties, and then riffled through hundreds of pairs of shoes with about 300 hundred other crazed women to bring home this loot! At $10/pair and the jibbitz were 4 for $1 and the Croc-a-doodles (markers to color on your cocs) were also $1, I lost all control. Luckily I had four kids with me that were hungry and tired or we might be swimming in Crocs.

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Lacey said...

You have a Crocs store by you? I am so envious. We love crocs...however we pay more than double what you just did. I would go crazy too. They are so easy to get on and off and so easy to clean. What a bargain. And I hope you do get some baby bunnies!! Enjoy this beautiful weather!