Working On Her Sales Pitch

Girls Scout Cookie season is coming to a close. Thank you to all our family and friends who helped Hailey meet her goal of 200 cookies. She sold the second most out of a Troop of 17 girls! When she was making calls to see if family members wanted to order any cookies she had a great line about the new cookie this year, the Dulce de Leche. It is a Latin inspired cookie with caramel chips and drizzled caramel on the top. Sounds good. After the customer told Hailey their order she would often ask them if they didn't want to try the new cookie. I think she boosted her sales quite a bit with this technique. When the cookies came in, the first thing we did was open our box of Dulce de Letches. We couldn't wait to try them out. After all, last years new cookie, the Lemon Chalet Cream was fabulous! Boy were we disappointed. I didn't even finish my cookie and I will eat just about anything, especially if it is in the cookie category. The girls were equally unimpressed. The box sits in our cupboard with just 5 cookies missing. I should throw the box away but that goes against my grain so much it will probably sit there until it is unsafe to eat and then I will be forced to toss it.

Max and Hailey were at the booth in front of the grocery store when a lady said she wanted to buy a box of Dulce de Leches. Hailey promptly turned to her fellow scout and said, "My mom thinks those taste gross!" I am not sure if the lady bought the cookies anyway. Then tonight I was attempting to pawn the cookies off on the kids and tried to hand them out for desert. Hailey replied, "I don't want the Dulce de Poopies. I want a Tagalong." I guess she has changed her tune a bit.

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Lacey said...

I didn't even see those on the list this year. I am so sorry I forgot cookies. Is it too late to order. I STINK. Tell Miss Hailey I am sorry. And if they are that bad I vote for throwing the poopies out. :)