What is a 32nd Birthday? Pretty boring. :) I think it is a bad sign that Max was trying to compliment me last night by telling me I "looked 25" and asked if I was "using a new skin product because you are looking really young today." I wasn't sure if I should say thank you or kick him. Anyway. Here are 32 random things about me in the order they came to my mind.

1. Family is everything to me.
2. Motherhood has transformed me. I like to think more like a butterfly than an ogar.
3. I am crazy about kids, mine in particular.
4. God has gotten a hold of my heart and I am growing in my journey with Him.
5. I am still totally smitten with Max.
6. I think I will go back to nursing when the kids are all in school.
7. I used to have real blonde hair and now I have fake blonde hair. Blondes do have more fun!
8. I still have real blue eyes.
9. I have real boobs but hopefully one day they will be fake. See, now it won't be such a big deal when I get them. LOL
10. I hate cleaning the house but am getting better at it.
11. I love to cook.
12. I love to bake even more.
13. I am stubborn.
14. I am not good at saying sorry. Sorry Max for all the times you were right and I never said so. :)
15. My mom is my best friend.
16. My sisters are a close runner up.
17. I am the woman I am today because Snork chose to be my dad.
18. I have 3 college degrees and am using none of them, but still paying for them!
19. My self indulgences are pedicures and a Mocha from Starbucks.
20. I have always wanted to play an instrument. I am thinking empty nest will be the time to do this.
21. I am lucky to have the in laws I do. They are like my second parents. Unfortunately for them, they got to deal with another teenage girl. Once again, sorry. :)
22. I won a beauty pageant in high school. Sorry mom and Snork for the rip off but thanks for letting me learn I am not beauty queen material.
23. My idea of a vacation include palm trees, sand, ocean, fruity drinks with umbrellas in them, and it is so hot the only appropriate attire is a bathing suit.
24. My favorite food is Mexican. You name it, I will eat it.
25. My favorite dessert is cheesecake and brownies.
26. I also really like Sushi.
27. I like to sew and knit. Maybe some more activities for empty nest.
28. I like to mountain bike ride. Too bad they don't have some sort of attachment for kids. Pretty impossible to do this these days.
29. I am happiest when hanging out with Max and the kids.
30. I think TV is a waste of life.
31. I love fiercely and am loyal.
32. I am slowly learning how to just enjoy the present without always working toward the future or remembering the past.


Courtney said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear dear friend! You are a mother I strive to be, and a friend everyone wishes to have. I love you girl and can't wait to see you in a few days!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you so much sister! Happy Birthday!!!! Schmead.

Lacey said...

Happy Birthday Katie. Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Blog a Blurb said...

You look so happy with the kids in that photo. Makes me :). . . And you're going to have some fun company coming. Have a great time together!