A Bad Day at Work

I had a rough day at the office yesterday. My boss doesn't pay me enough for days like this. I hope by recording these "precious" moments I will avoid wearing rose colored glasses when I look back at my child rearing years. There are a lot of wonderful times, but there are also tough times when I think, 'if I was working, the babysitter would have to be doing this!'

It started out with Kaitlin wetting the bed in wee hours of the morning. Once we all got up I washed her bedding and showered her. Then the normal hustle and bustle of getting the girls off to school. I was feeling pretty proud of the fact that I had vacuumed, moped and done two loads of laundry. I had hopes for shriky dinks with Karlie during nap time and a relaxing movie night since Max was going to come home early (leave by 5p.m.) because he wasn't feeling good. All seemed to be going fine until Max called.

He is on service three out of the four weeks of April. This means working weekends and at least 12 hour days and up to the 18 he worked last Friday. How he managed to be on service more this month than any other month is a mystery to me. It only happens to be the month that 3 of his 5 family members have birthdays in. Anyway, he called to tell me that next week, the one week he is off service, he forgot to tell me he has to go on a business trip to North Carolina. Forgot to tell me! What? We will just end that portion of the day there and move right along to dinner.

I had just gotten all the food on the table and realized Hank had diarrhea leaking out his pants. This was the 4th outfit in 24 hours he had destroyed. I knew he was teething but didn't remember the one year molars being this vicious. Max, who was home sick with a cold (I could go on another rant about sick men, but will save that for another day) tried to tackle the job but called for reinforcement. The diarrhea was up to his chest and he had stuck his hands in it and was waving fecal fist all over the place. Max was completely contaminated with feces. We got Hank's shirt off and I got contaminated in the process. Dinner sounded so appetizing at this point. We rinsed him off and tried to bleach ourselves clean.

Dinner was relatively uneventful except that it was cold. Hank wasn't enjoying his sweet potatoes as much as usual, but I still managed to get a whole jar down him. As we were clearing the table Hank let loose with the sweet potatoes. A gigantic splat over my freshly moped floor and down my leg and all over my shoe. It was so much it came out his nose, which he immediately went to wipe and then proceeded to rub it in his eyes and hair. Bath number two.

Hank is the worst bather. He splashes so much you might as well get in with him. After Karlie got a partial bath watching, she jumped in for the real deal. I started a vomit-diarrhea load of wash while Max supervised the bath. We got the kids out of the bath and did the nightly bedtime routine. Between brushing teeth and rocking Hank to sleep I ran to the bathroom. Great! My first period in nearly two years (pregnant for 9 and breastfeeding for 12)! I wasn't expecting that but with this kind of day I guess I should of. Is that why I almost reached through the phone to strangle Max earlier today? It is all starting to come into focus.

I have never been so happy to see the end of the day. I anticipated a night full of vomit and was relieved when Hank woke up at 3:45 a.m. with no vomit just ready to start the day. Too bad he didn't go back to sleep. I am hoping to make lemonade out of lemons or dessert out of stressed but I have lowered my expectations for today. If four little people get fed, clothed and to school, it will be a good day. :) It is all about expectations after all.


Lacey said...

oh what a day...what a day. Hope today was better and hope you have a great weekend. Its got to be better than yesterday... Love you girl!

melanie said...

wow!! What a day!!! I do pray that today was better! :)

Courtney said...

Could it have gotten worse? You poor Mama! How do you do it all?! Yes, it's got to be only better today!

Anonymous said...

Katie, you are a mommy hero! Your kids are the cutest and sweetest, and you always have a smile on your face. I am sorry that you had a bad day, and hopefully you got some sleep. You are an inspiration to me to at *least* keep a smile on my face too. Hang in there!
:) Colleen