Easter 2009

Dyeing Easter Eggs is always so much fun. The smell of vinigar will forever conjure up brightly colored eggs.  It was nice this year to only have to assist one kid. Hank was too small to partake and Hailey and Karlie have mastered the skills to do it on their own.  The best part is Easter morning turning the colored eggs into creamed eggs!

This was the girls making the Easter Cookies.  The lesson was illustrated really well.  Karlie kept telling me how they hurt Jesus.  The cookies however were not much to speak of.  I think I put too big of dollop on the cookie sheet and they didn't "cook" all the way through and they tasted awful.  I'll just chalk that up as a Bible Study lesson rather than a recipe to pass on.

Curlers before bed is always so exciting for them.  This was the first time Kaitlin got hers done.  They didn't last pass tuck in. :)

Easter morning.  The Easter bunny left quite the loot.

This is the best you get after 124 pictures.  Getting 3 or 4 kids to all look at the camera and smile naturally is about one of the most frustrating activities.  NOT recommended before church.  Daddy was more like a rotten egg after this session.
We put up black fabric in high hopes of getting a keeper shot for the picture wall.  Guess I need to buy more fabric.
That's better.  Au natural.
Me and my little man.
My two guys.  They are a handsome pair if I do say so.


Lacey said...

Looks like a Great Easter. Your family is precious and you look AMAZING momma! Seriously..how do you have four kids and look like that?? Sweet pictures. I love the one of the girls with the curlers in their hair- too cute. :)

Courtney said...

I love his little tie! All of them are just precious. I love the dot dresses in the pretty colors. I dream of the day Cate lets me put curlers in her hair! The picture of all the kids is great! And you DO look like you are still pre-baby 21!

melanie said...

Awesome pics! Happy Easter! :)