Hank's 1st Birthday

What to do when stuck in the house with a sick kid for a week? Blog! Here are Hank's first birthday pictures. On his actual birthday I made him a chocolate cake. He was thrilled with everyone singing to him and began to clap. He also had great fun smashing up his own cake. He took cake by the fistful and shoved it in his mouth.

For his party last Saturday we made this cake. It turned out pretty cute. It is the first time I have ever had no cake left. The kids ate all of the fondant balls too. They thought they were gum balls!
Yeah, I am riding in a dump truck. Got a problem with it? It has been fun to get so many "boy" toys. Balls, trucks, hammers and such.

There were 15 adults and 11 kids all singing to him and he enjoyed every minute of it!
He ate his entire piece of cake and most of the ice cream. Little man knows how to eat!


Courtney said...

That cake is amazing! I love the colors and fondant balls around the bottom. You'll have to teach me sometime! He looks like a happy camper despite the CPs!

Lacey said...

You are so craft woman! Love the cake. And Love all the pictures of Mr. Hanky Panky on his birthday!! Hard to believe he is one still.

Splaneyo said...

Your cakes look great - such fun. The kids are so cute. Hope everyone is doing well.