Kaitlin's 3rd Birthday

Turning 3 is certainly cause for celebration. Apparently 3 times! Kaitlin had 3 birthday celebrations. Her first was with her best friend Addison. It was a friends Tea Party. Addison was also turning three so her mom and I hosted a tea party. Max and Addison's dad dressed in their finest attire and were the servers. We had tea sandwiches, tea in fancy china, boas, frilly dresses, pink purses and top hats for the boys. I am so disappointed our camera ran out of batteries. It was really cute. The girls ate up all the attention and fuss. I made two smash cakes with pink fondant and placed a crown on the top of each one so each girl could have her own cake. We tied tulle around the chairs and added pink flair to the dinning room. It was a princess tea for sure!If that wasn't enough, the Birthday girl decided for her actual birthday where she got to choose the menu for the day that she would like to go to "Punkin Toodys" (Gunther Toody's).
She was a little startled when the entire wait staff came and sang to her. I wasn't sure if she was going to smile or cry.

On Easter we had her family birthday party. Kaitlin's speech therapist turned her on to Dora and she has become a major fan. She wanted nothing more than a Dora Cake. I tried to persuade her to let me just put a little Dora candle on a regular cake but she wouldn't have it. She wanted Dora. So disastrous Dora is what she got. I won't be going into cartoon cakes that's for sure! Luckily for me a three old is a pretty soft critic and she was delighted with the freaky looking Dora. Gotta love kids!

Turning 3 is a pretty big deal! What is 16 going to be like?

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Lacey said...

She is so cute. Love the last picture of her blowing out the candles. And say Dora isn't good all you want- I think it looks fantastic!! You definitely could make money with that cartoon cake...are you kidding me?? Pretty darn impressed as always. :)