Paci Fairy

A rite of passage occurred last night at our house.  The "Paci Fairy" came and took away all the pacifiers in the house and left Kaitlin a Dora book and a baby changing set. We have been telling Kaitlin for quite some time that the Paci Fairy would be coming sometime before she turned three to take away the pacifiers. Big girls cannot have pacis and so the good Fairy comes and takes them away and in return, she leaves you a little present! Kaitlin hasn't been allowed to use her pacis for anything except sleeping since she was 18 months old. But someone, not naming any names, had a crutch on the paci. Kaitlin so looked forward to getting to suck on her paci that she was always eager for naps and bedtime. I thought the Paci Fairy would have come sooner, but someone just wasn't ready.

We practiced sleeping with only one because she liked to hold one and suck on one. Then we threw all but two of the best ones away. Then we tried sleeping without it at bedtime. All that was left was nap time. But neither of us were quite ready to potentially disrupt precious nap time. Well, Kaitlin turns three in three days. Time was up for both of us!

Kaitlin was ready. She told me she was "so happy" when she saw the Paci Fairy had come and left her a gift. She went down for her nap without one request for the sacred paci. I braced myself for a long battle. I went to check on her, sure she would be playing or reading. Nope. She was fast asleep. I guess the Paci Fairy knew it was time.  No bottles, no pull-ups, no pacis, no more baby KT's. She is officially 100% a big girl. :(


Lacey said...

Awwww....I may need your help in the future. Hadley is my first baby with a paci..only bedtime..but I am sure it will still be a battle. So glad she did well!!

Courtney said...

Is there a thumb fairy? LOL! I have a feeling Cate's will be a habit for a long time.
She's looking SO grown up! Her hair is so long and cute!

melanie said...


hey..I am back to blogging. don't laugh! ha! I couldn't stay pathetic! :)

Blog a Blurb said...

:) Amazing bunch of snow! I've been watching the weather and double checking the graphic -- really snow?

. . . and big milestones for the littlest ones. That snap of Kaitlin is terrific.