Spring Bust

We had grand plans for blasting off into a week of fun for Spring Break. But instead of sun and fun we got snow and colds. We tried to make the most of it, but it was pretty much a bust.Karlie at the space station center in the Museum of Nature and Science.

On Wednesday we hit one of our favorite places to visit, the Museum. The kids never tire of exploring through space, ancient Egypt, the kids' discovery zone, or many of the other exhibits. My favorite is the animal dioramas.
Max and the kids having a Lama race.

On Monday while it was a blizzard outside we went to the recreation center to swim. The girls rode down the water slides, swam in the lazy river, and played in the tot water land. Hank enjoyed soaking in the hot tub and the climbing in kiddie play area. Our fun was ended when the lifeguards blew their whistle and ordered everyone out of the pool. As we discussed having lunch and leaving, a lifeguard came by to tell us it would be 15 minutes or more for the chlorine to work. I asked what happened and he said, "some kid pooped in the lazy river." Well that was all we needed to call it a day.

No trips to the zoo or long bike rides or flying kites. It was mostly a bunch of this.
And a whole bunch of this. I think we got more snow in the week of spring break than we did in all of January and February combined.

I am hoping the sun will come out to play and KILL all the sick bugs in my house. Poor Hank has had one illness after another. We are currently battling Roseola. In the last week I have spent $90 in co-pays to the pediatrician! Talk about needing a break!


Lacey said...

Awww...but for those of us who NEVER see snow...that looks like an awful lot of fun!! Hope the sun comes out for you guys soon though- i know you are missing it!!

melanie said...

I miss snow! :) I love the pic of the girls on your husband...so much joy! :)

Courtney said...

I have to say you have MORE snow than we do!!! But luckily with the spring snow, it is gone quickly! I'm hoping for warm weather in a couple of weeks! :)