Thursday 13~ Reasons to Un-plug From the TV

In honor of National Turn Off Your TV Week, I thought I would highlight just 13 of the major reasons to turn off or at least decrease the amount of TV you watch, especially with children. With all the violence, school shootings, sky rocketing out of wedlock babies, obesity, demoralization, and dumbing down of our nation I think it is clear to see these are symptoms of America's TV addiction. When you think back to a week ago do all the shows you watched come to mind? There is about 35 hours of time lost for the average adult. I encourage you to try to un-plug for just one day and see what a difference it makes! God did not create us to be mindless blobs.
1. Four-year-olds watching the daily average (3.5 hours) were 25 percent more likely to become bullies.

2. The child who watching eight hours of television per day was 200 percent more likely to bully.

3. There is a direct correlation between a child’s weight and the number of hours the child spends watching television. As TV viewing has risen over the past three decades, so has the average weight of American children.

4. The number of sexual incidents that occur during the "family hour" prime-time hour increased more than 400 percent since 1976.

5. Researchers, stating that violent animated shows can cause the child to become desensitized to violence, suggested that parents follow the American Academy of Pediatric guidelines for watching television. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend NO TV for children under 2 and no more than two hours of viewing time a day for older kids.

6. Children spend more time watching television than in any other activity except sleep. - Huston and Wright, University of Kansas. "Television and Socialization of Young Children."

7. A study of 1792 adolescents ages 12-17 showed that watching sex on TV influences teens to have sex. Youths who watched more sexual content where more likely to initiate intercourse and progress to more advanced noncoital sexual activities in the year following the beginning of the study. Youths in the 90th percentile of TV sex viewing had a predicted probability of intercourse initiation that was approximately double that of youths in the 10th percentile. Basically, kids with higher exposure to sex on TV were almost twice as likely than kids with lower exposure to initiate sexual intercourse. - Study Conducted by RAND and published in the September 2004 issue of Pediatrics.

8. By age 18, a U.S. youth will have seen 16,000 simulated murders and 200,000 acts of violence. - American Psychiatric Association

9. Levels of brain activity are measured by an electroencenograph (EEG) machine. While watching television, the brain appears to slow to a halt, registering low alpha wave readings on the EEG. This is caused by the radiant light produced by cathode ray technology within the television set. Even if you're reading text on a television screen the brain registers low levels of activity.

10. Children younger than 8 "cannot uniformly discriminate between real life and fantasy/entertainment… They quickly learn that violence is an acceptable solution to resolving even complex problems, particularly if the aggressor is the hero."

11 .Academic achievement drops sharply for children who watch more than 10 hours a week of TV, according to the report "Strong Families, Strong Schools," from the U.S. Department of Education, December 1994.

12. In a 65-year life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the tube. NINE Years! Is there anything else you would have rather done with those years?

13. "I will set before my eyes no vile thing." Psalm 101:3

Now I have to go turn off Curious George the kids are watching while I have done this. :)

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