What a Difference A Day Makes

Only in Colorado can you go from snowing with 5 inches on the ground to warm and sunny and almost all the snow gone in one day. Crazy spring we are having. I am ready for a little more summer like weather. Along with the extended winter has come extended illness. We found out today that Hank has Chicken Pox.

We celebrated his birthday with our family and friends (the original day got snowed out) on Saturday and he wasn't acting his normal jovial self. I figured the slight temperature was due to his shots that he got on Friday. Nope. I just infected everyone we care about with Chicken Pox. He started to break out with what I thought was a rash on Saturday night. We took him to church on Sunday and infected all the kids there. I did my grocery shopping this morning before talking to the pediatrician. So we contaminated all King Soopers shoppers too. I am such a good mom!

We are hunkered down for a week to try and not contaminate the rest of Colorado. To think this morning I thought he had just a rash related to a food allergy or the shots. What a difference a day can make!


Splaneyo said...

Oh man! I was feeling sorry for myself with two sick kids (AJ & Laney...coughing, fever, poop problems, etc.). You win! I didn't get chicken pox until I was 14, so I feel his pain. Poor little guy! All I can say is I hope it really is easier to when you are younger. Thinking of you guys.

Courtney said...

Hmmm...Cate has a red bump on her cheek today. I didn't immunize her either! Yikes! Hope Hankie Poo is feeling okay. DId you immunize the other kids? I think our schools require it now.

melanie said...

Ah! I hope he is feeling better!

I miss the Colorado weather! :)

Blog a Blurb said...

You have one long week ahead of you :(