And a Baby Makes 3.5!

Sorry Ruth, I know you think you are the "three" now, but things are about to change. We are so thrilled to announce a new baby will be joining our family in November! I know your little bean will bring so much joy! Daisy did not take the news with the same enthusiasm. In fact, she wanted me to pass this note to Ruth.

Dear Ruth,

I am sorry to hear the news a baby is coming to your house. Live up these last 6 months of being the only child. Ah, how I remember the good old days. The days when I got to sleep in the bed, under the covers. The daily walks, the trips to the dog park, and getting to go on vacations. I was so loved that I was even a brides maid in their wedding. Now I sleep on a mat in the family room. I am not even in the bedroom. I only see a leash when it is time to go to the vet and I haven't been to a dog park since two babies ago. With each baby I went further down the totem pole.

I just don't see what the Mr. and Mrs. see in the drooling, stinky, loud thing they call a baby. They make messes, pull your ears, eat your chew toys and dog food. It is like the Mr. and Mrs. don't even notice your around unless the baby wants to crawl all over you. You can kiss your wet dog food good bye. They blame it on something called diapers. Now I am lucky to get fresh water and food each day. And Christmas presents. Yep, those are gone too.

Hey the bright side is once those stinky and annoying babies grow-up they turn into little humans that love to play with you and pet you the way the Mr. and Mrs. used to. The only problem is now I am old and too tired to play. The other positive is that they don't bath me as much. I hate those cold baths. I guess they are too busy washing those stinky babies all the time. Best of luck and if you ever need someone to bark to, I am only a yard away.




Ahhhh- that makes me sad. Poor Dixie:)

Anonymous said...

Ruth was upset to read the letter, but she has decided to "buck up" and be strong until "the little poop" (her words, not ours) tries to go after her favorite stuffed chicken.

We love you - Colin & Mel