Hank + Grass = Epi Pen

After Hank's third outbreak of the chicken pox in two weeks, we realized that he was actually having allergic reactions. To what we are not sure but we suspect eggs. With each outbreak, it got a little worse. Then I let him crawl in the grass at the park for the first time and this is what happened.It looks just like chicken pox. Little blisters all over that pop and scab.
I took him to the pediatrician on Monday and she ran the full allergy screen so we can know how many things he is allergic to. We were prescribed nebulizer treatments, steroid cream, and an epinephrine pen in case he starts to have an anaphylactic reaction. Hopefully the allergist can help us navigate a safe course for our little guy. He is going to put his mama in an early grave.
Through the itchy and painful rash, the annoying nebulizers, and many pokes Hank has been a trooper. Even after he got tortured at the doctors he was still flirting with the nurses. He just keeps smiling.


Courtney said...

Oh man, I hope they can figure this all out quick. Must be nerve racking for you. And all along I thought Cate had a majorly healthy immune system by dodging those "chicken pox". LOL! He's so sweet and CUTE!

Lacey said...

so it wasn't chicken pox??? Oh man. Hope they figure it out quickly. Poor lil' guy.