Jury Duty Rocks!

I had jury duty today! It was like a forced break. Really. As I sat waiting, did you get that... SAT! I read an enticing book and got lost in a vampire romance series I have been reading. Did you get that? Read!! I was forced to do nothing. Nothing but sit and read! No little bottoms to wipe. No one needing breakfast, snack, lunch, snack or dinner. I didn't hear the word "Mom" for 2 and half solid hours. I didn't have to keep an eye out for a baby hell bent on killing himself by scaling a chair, or swallowing a choking hazard, or climbing on the bed where he could fall and break his head, or sticking his hand in the toilet that his sisters forget to flush, or stick is finger in the light socket. Nope, none of that. There were no dishes to do, no laundry could be done and certainly no vacuuming or moping. Just sitting and waiting. As I heard the people around me mumble and grumble about how long it was taking, I just smiled and read. Luck would have it that the one person who actually wanted to waster her day at jury duty was in the first group released. Oh, well better luck next year. :)


melanie said...

You are so cute!! LOL

Courtney said...

don't they realize it's the moms that won't try to get out of jury duty! LOL!