Muir Woods

While we were in California we made a trip to Muir Woods. It was a magical place for sure. Hailey thought if she would ever see a unicorn, it would be in this forest. We kept our eyes peeled but never spotted one. However we did see a doe who was very tame. Hank and Kaitlin were enthralled with her as she nibbled on the ferns about ten feet away from us.
It was pretty amazing to see a tree that had lived for 1100 years! There were little markers of major historical events along the rings of the tree. To imagine all the people who had passed by this tree, all the changes in civilization it had witnessed, and all the wars this tree had survived was awe-inspiring.
The girls didn't quite grasp the magnitude of how majestic these trees are. They were just impressed that some of them were as big as Anna's car!

We also searched for a banana slug. We found a half crushed one along the path but that was it. We told the girls about how we kissed them at camp when were kids and they were thoroughly disgusted.
Hailey thought we needed one of these trees at our house so she could make a tree house out of it!
It was a wonderful trip. The best part was the lunch Anna packed. I was feeling like royalty as we ate caprese, salmon, and a homemade pesto bread in this remarkable forest.


Courtney said...

What a great adventure! I remember visiting the Redwood Forest in CA as a kid. It's something fun for adults and kids too!
The kids are so cute as always! Good to see Anna too-Hi!

Blog a Blurb said...

I hope you LOVED your trip to Cali and come many more times!!!!
We sure loved seeing you here!