Bunk With the Beast 2009

This year Hailey's Brownie Troop decided to use the money the earned from selling cookies to do Bunk with the Beast at the Denver Zoo. It is a gigantic sleep over at the zoo. Our night started at 6p.m. after the zoo closed.
We had pizza for dinner and then team races such as this one where they had to change into the right clothes for the weather. It managed to be a typical crazy Colorado day with rain and then hot sun the next moment. We went on a night tour of the zoo and saw the animals as they got ready for bedtime. We also got to use night vision glasses to see how nocturnal animals see at night.
In the morning we were given a behind the scenes tour of the zoo kitchen. Our zoo leader Lauren was showing us the baby mice, grown mice and rats they have frozen to feed the various animals. We also walked into a giant refrigerator that contained nearly every fruit and vegetable imaginable. We learned they give the lions horses tails to chew on between feedings. I wasn't sure how our little animal lover was going to take all this, but she seemed to grasp that for some animals to live, others have to die.
Another lesson the girls learned was about how animals use their senses to communicate.  All the girls got a vial with a scent in and they had to try and find their pair.  Hailey used the bandanna they made to keep her head warm as it was a pretty cold morning.
It was so fun to have the whole zoo to ourselves and have a tour guide to tell us the animals names and how old they were and interesting facts about them.  We learned the elephants were 35 and 45 years old!
Bunk with the Beast was a great experience for the Troop and a special bonding time for Hailey and me.  What could be better than sleeping on a deflating air mat in a room of 17 second grade girls giggling and getting up to got to the bathroom all night long?

I was anxious about going because I have never been away from Hank that long and he would not take a bottle no matter what I tried.  I had visions of Hank screaming all night long and Max suffering along with him.  Not to mention the biology of the milk production system.  15 hours with no baby to remove milk made for a bit of an uncomfortable morning jaunt through the zoo.  The troop leader commented on how "perky" I was looking in the morning.  Somehow I don't think she was referring to my demeanor as I had yet to have my coffee. :0)  I don't know who was happier to see each other, Hank or me!  To my relief, he did take two bottles for daddy.  Boys.

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