Down With The Russian Olives

We had two Russian Olives in our backyard that had been the bane of Max's existence since we moved in. They drop leaves and pods constantly, not to mention Max is allergic to them. So every summer our despise for these trees grew. Their only redeeming quality was they were home to a family of squirrels. Finally, the one closest to the fence started to die. It became a liability so we looked into having it cut down. After two estimates at four and five thousand dollars, we began to rethink our hatred of the Russian Olives. The job was complex due to the shed and the fences surrounding the trees, making it impossible to bring any large equipment in for the removal.One day Max was bemoaning the blasted Russian Olives to a friend at work and learned that before he went to school to be a lab technician, he was an arborist for almost 30 years. He volunteered to come chop down the trees!
Dave and his son showed up with ropes and a hand saw. I was skeptical at first. Dave must be in his 50's and Nelson is only 15. How could these two and a hand saw tackle 20 year old trees?
Dave was like a monkey and at one point was hanging upside down as he sawed through a branch.  I was in awe of his planning and anchoring that took each limb down carefully and precisely.  By the end of the day this is what remained of our Russian Olives.

The next afternoon the rest of the trees came down.  Hailey counted the rings on the trees and learned they were 22 years old.  Now the hard part, chopping all the brush.  We rented a wood chipper and in a few hours had all of the brush chipped into the back of Max's truck.  I can still hear that thing grinding.
As Max and Snork took the chipper back, Snork was telling the guy now they just had to figure out what to do with the truck full of wood chips.  The rental guy asked them if they wanted to dump the chips at his house so he wouldn't have to buy any this year!  Score!  Now all that remains is some of the trunk pieces.  We have managed to give some away, but about half still remains.  I will get rid of these Russian Olives by the end of the summer!

At least they can't drop any leaves just sitting there.

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