Entropy In Action

For those of you who need to brush up on your physics, entropy is the second law of Thermodynamics.  It is a measure of the disorder of a system, or that in nature things tend toward disorder rather than order.  Hank is an excellent case in point.  You don't have to teach your kids how to make a mess, it just comes natural.  Why is that?  Why don't they come out wanting to fold laundry and make beds and put away their dishes?  No, they spill, and leave dirty clothes on the floor, and leave toys everywhere and make a mess, or disorder of virtually everything in their path.  Mr. Rudolf Clausius must have had children to study as he formulated his concept of entropy.
Take a closed system of Hank and a bookshelf with books on the floor.  Will the books be put nice and orderly back into the bookshelf?  We will examine why they are on the floor in a different case study in another post one day.
Maybe he will look at the books and study the best way to conserve energy as he cleans up.
Not!  He  pulls all the books into a big pile of disorder.  Unfortunately for me, I get a daily lesson in perpetual motion in attempt to constantly contain my little entropy makers. :)


Splaneyo said...

We are taking the same physics class here. Occasionally, AJ will put things back into a bin, but I think he only does it when he wants to watch the grown-up clap and jump around like fools. They are smart little things aren't they?

MandM said...

I have to agree-Brandon's favorite thing to do daily is pull all the books off the bookshelf and read-at least he's reading :)

john leopold, md said...

Katie - really enjoy your description of everyday life in the household. If you haven't read it, grab a copy of The Magic Years by Selma Fraiberg, prob the best book every written on child dev't. You'll laugh your head off.

Just had my daughter stay with us for 2 weeks. A 14 month walking girl, 2 two year old terrorist boy twins. Multiply Hank by 3. Oh my God.

Lacey said...

LOL...you crack me up. Hadley and Hank are at that age aren't they?? Heck Ellie and Gavin are still that way too! Gotta love it, gotta love it!