Kindergarten Here Comes Crash Karlie!

I am a little "hung over" from the last week of school. There were so many activities I am just now starting to digest all that took place. One of the highlights was Karlie's "graduation" from preschool. The kids sang songs and the teacher interviewed them about what they want to be when they grow up. The first girl said a cheerleader so every girl following her also wanted to be a cheerleader. However, the boys were a little more original with occupations such as a cow and a pig. When the teacher asked the little boy who said he wanted to be a pig what he would do all day, he replied, make more pigs! Got to love kid programs.
Karlie had some of the most amazing teachers that really loved her. She is on her way to reading thanks to their tireless effort. Karlie and Mrs. Jenn.

Karlie and Mrs. Amy.

This is Karlie and her best friend Sidney. These two are TROUBLE. I can already see that they cannot be friends in high school unless I plan to know the judge on a first name basis.

Karlie is so full of life and energy it took us by surprise how upset she was to be leaving preschool. She cried the entire way home and on and off through the evening. She cried about how she would miss her teachers so much and how Kindergarten couldn't possibly be as fun.
She cheered up when we told her Kindergarten was every day! Ready or not Kindergarten, her comes crash Karlie!

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Courtney said...

Too cute! She is your little twin! I love that picture of the two of you. at least you don't have to worry about her missing you too much while she is at school! ;)