Party Pooper

Our little Hailey is a pretty sick girl. She came down with a fever and ear infection on her birthday. By the time we had cake she didn't even feel up to eating any. Her fever continued to get higher despite the antibiotics. She has been running 103-104 for four days now. She has many flu like symptoms. She never even tasted her birthday cake. We are praying she will be well by her party on Saturday. If she has a fever tomorrow, it is back to the doctor for more testing. Please say a get well prayer for our sweet girl.


Courtney said...

Poor girl! Get well soon!
Cute cake Katie. Amongst everything else you have time to do a fondant cake? I want your energy!

john leopold, md said...

Katie - hope Halie gets well soon from the flu. Also pray that it doesn't spread to others in the family. Hard to believe flu in June but as you can see in the CDC weekly flu update there is quite a bit of flu in Colo and even more in Utah and in other states.

Let me know if you have kiddie concerns, you're loyal Dr John