We are thinking of changing Hank's name to Mr. Trouble. I have been exasperated at how busy he is and how he has already entered the wonderful times of Terrible Twos. How could this be? He could have gone down in history as the sweetest baby ever and now at 15 months he is acting like a 2 and half year old. How quickly times change. One minute he is sunshine and the next it as if a demon has possessed him causing him to throw himself on the floor, scream and thrash about.

We were at the pediatrician's for his 15 month check up where he decided to demonstrate his Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde like personality. The doctor was impressed with the intensity and persistence of his fit . After a physical exam and some history taking, she decided he has asthma. She hoped that by improving his respiratory status, he could breath easier so he would then sleep better and could return to his normally sunny disposition. The doctor noted that he had a major growth spurt and was in the 90th percentile for length but only 25th percentile for weight, so hunger could be an underlying irritation. She also said he had all but one of the teeth he would get before two so that could also be irritating him. I think she saw the serious speculation in my eye because she then tried to put a silver lining on his fits by saying, "it is a sign of intelligence" when they start to exert their ego so early. So I have a gigantic, wild, hungry, teething, not breathing, tired genius. Somehow that is suppose to make me feel better? :0)You can imagine how well a saline nose wash, nasal spray, and twice daily nebulizer treatment goes with this little tyrant. At first one of us would have to hold him down while the other kept the mask on. The positive note was that as he fought and cried he took nice deep breaths. He finally resigned and will now sit on my lap the entire treatment. The girls all sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and do Patty Cake with him to help distract him.
He is not wheezing as much but funny, he is still a little monkey with an attitude. When I make him get down or stop doing something he shouldn't he throws himself on the floor and cracks his head on the ground or wall.  I wonder how many times he has to do this before he realizes it is not going to work.  Doesn't seem so bright to me, but what do I know?
Why play with the toys when I can dig to the bottom of the box and find a choking hazard to suck on and sit in the toy box?
Rocking is fun.
Oh, rocking standing up is ever better!
Don't take another step toward me or I am going to fling myself off in dismay and in the process crack my head on the corner of the coffee table.
Your lucky it is only toilet paper.  If you had been a few seconds later, I would have put my hands in the toilet full of pee that my sisters never flush.

Everyone tells me I am going to miss these days.  Right, just like I have a gigantic, wild, hungry, teething, not breathing, tired genius instead of a little monster named Hank.


Courtney said...

Oh BOY!!!:)
That ornery face is so cute though. And he looks just like YOU! What a tiring age.

MandM said...

Wow-sounds eerily familiar! I think I have the exact pictures to match yours! Except Brandon started his terrible twos at one :)

john leopold, md said...

Katie - some unasked for advise and encouragement - Hank is showing himself to be a typical strong willed boy. Now, are his mom and dad strongwilled. And smart? You have been blessed with 3 girls, now you have a true domestic terrorist in Hank. Boys are way different than girls, thank goodness. Congratuations, try not to kill him, he'll grow up, marry a nice lady, have kids and take care of you when you are old.

You can simplify his asthma treatments by using a spacer (we sell the Optichamber with mask for $17.30, can give albuterol (lasts 4-6 hr) or Xopenex (6-8 hr) by inhaler - just one puff and 5 screams - instead of having to strap him down and sing ditties with a nebulizer. My colleague, Dr Cara Killgore went thru the same nebulizer struggles with her little one and now just uses a spacer.

Singulair, 4mg chew tab once a day, may be a good, safe med for him also if he's not on it already. Will combat both asthma and allergies.

Kids at Hank's age can slip into iron deficiency and have excessive temper tantrums. If he's eating red meat he prob does not; egg is a good source of iron but he cannot eat them. If he's taken a vit with iron he's not likely to be iron deficient. If you suspect iron def, have your peds get a CBC and ferritin; maybe a 2 week trial of Fer-in-sol could be considered if there is doubt. Nowadays kids develop low iron stores and usually don't progress to anemia so the Hgb and Hct are usually normal. So 2 wk iron trials are helpful in a lot of kids with suspected iron deficiency.

Most of the time these toddler behaviors are just normal toddlers exerting their independence and rights. Get a copy of The Magic Years and read away.

melanie said...

You will miss it! Maybe not all of it..but I am sure there are so many hank-isms that you will definitely miss!

Splaneyo said...

He, he, he... Oh Katie, I am not laughing AT you, I am laughing WITH you. Welcome to the world of boys! Spencer just went to throw something away and asked why all of the kid cups were in the garbage - AJ put them all into the garbage when I wasn't looking. They are a handful for sure, but, as you know, they are worth every square of toilet paper and more.