Up In Smoke

Our dream house almost went up in smoke this afternoon. I was putting Hank to sleep and the girls were all getting out stuff to make lunch. Max was at work so the girls were unsupervised for a few minutes. I specifically told Hailey NOT to put the bagel she had picked out in the toaster until I came down stairs.

As I was rocking Hank I smelled burnt bagel. The smell continued to intensify to the point that I was worried it had caught on fire. Despite Hank almost being asleep, I hurriedly took him downstairs. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and saw nearly a 2 foot layer of smoke resting at the ceiling. I ran to the toaster, fuming that she had put it in the toaster despite my explicit instrucion not to. I unplugged it and still smoke continued to fill the room. Where was it? I flung open the microwave to see the tail tale burn marks up the back and on the top of it. But no bagel or smoke? I gave Hailey Hank and shewed all the kids out back as I frantically threw open windows and searched for the source of the smoke.

I screamed at Hailey, "What happened?!" They had all been so calmly sitting at the the kitchen table, despite the plume of smoke and awful smell.  Maybe something else was on fire and I had misjudge the situation.  She told me she had tried to toast her bagel in the microwave. What? Where was it?  She replied she threw it away.  I opened the pantry where we keep the trash can and felt the top of the stainless steel lid. It was hot. I grabbed it (while of course throwing a two year old style tantrum ranting and raving that I couldn't believe she toasted her bagel in the microwave!) and took it outside. I opened the smoking can to find a completely charred bagel that had melted some cheese wrapper trash to it. I don't know if it was on fire or just smoking but the can was full of smoke.

After opening all the windows and doors and turning the house fan on I took a long stroll through the house trying to calm down before asking what on earth she was thinking. To make a long story short, since I told her not to use the toaster, she buttered her bagel and toasted it for "just 4 minutes." When I inquired to why she didn't come get me when she saw the smoke, she replied that she had asked Karlie and Karlie told her she should just sit down and wait. Glad to know my 8 year old is receiving legal advice from her 5 year old sister.

We have since had a talk that while it is very important to not disturb me while I am putting Hank to sleep, it is even more important to realize that she should come to me for an emergency, even if she caused it. We have also discussed that all appliances are off limits until she is 18 when she can burn her own house down. :0) So my nice, new house now reeks of burnt bagel. Any tips for removing that from the walls?


Courtney said...

hey, my friend and I started a fire in her grandma's microwave by putting a Hi-C juice box in the microwave to defrost it. Don't ask me why it was frozen in the first place!
Glad all is okay. I'm sure the neighbors loved seeing a smoking can in the yard!;)

john leopold, md said...

Ann's suggestions - open windowns, use air fresheners. May need to repaint if this does help. If the ceilings and walls are discolored by smoke will have to repaint for sure. Another reason to have another family gathering.

Splaneyo said...

Okay, here is my attempt at the glass half full (not my forte): At least she was trying to be self sufficient????