Dragon Tales

We try to limit the kids to one hour of TV a day. I have relaxed that a bit over the summer but during the school year they get to watch one show in the morning and one in the afternoon. When Hailey was little I always saved her TV time for when I was making dinner. At 5pm PBS always played Dragon Tales, a sweet cartoon about a brother and sister that travel to an imaginary land of dragons. It has lessons on sharing and numerous issues that preschoolers face. I loved Dragon Tales. To this day if I here the music from it, I think of making dinner and Hailey as a preschooler.

Hailey really liked the show for a long time and as a result, Karlie then learned to like them too. I was so sad the day PBS changed their programing and moved Dragon Tales out of the dinner making time slot to mid morning. Since it is late in the morning, we haven't watched it most of the summer. Today we were having a lazy morning and as I was about to turn the off the TV, Dragon Tales was starting. Hailey said, "But mom, I want to watch Dragon Tales!" It was one of those Kleenex moments where I saw my little 3 year old Hailey shining through this big 8 year old kid. I got that ache in my heart and my eyes began to tear because she is still innocent and sweet enough to get pleasure out of such a wholesome show. When I see many kids her age trying so hard to grow up, wearing mini skirts, make-up and into the newest tween bands, it makes my heart swell that she is still just a kid!


T. Russell said...

I have been reading your blog since Hank was born! I had a daughter in April 2008, so I liked to read about Hank's hospital stuff because my daughter also had health issues when she was a newborn...And then, I just kept reading...I found your blog through Abbie, whom I went to High School with. It's weird, I almost feel like I know you and your family. But I just wanted to let you know that a lot of your posts inspire me! You seem like such a strong, faithful mom and wife and it is always nice to hear that there are still families out there like mine that try not to get caught up in so many worldly things. That is so awesome that you had that moment with your 8 year old. My daughter is only 16 months but time goes by too fast. I hope that I can be as good of a mom to her as you are to your kiddos. Thanks so much for the inspiration! -Tiffany

Jessica said...

You ROCK as a mom! I love reading posts like these and I can totally relate to loving their innocence!

T. Russell said...

Thanks for the reply! Of course I wouldn't mind if you linked my blog. I am trying to make it a point to blog at least a few times a week now. In the past it's been once or twice a month!

Samantha, my daughter, is better now. When she was about 2 months old the doctor found that she had a super rapid heart beat during a regular check-up. She sent us straight to the Children's Hospital here in Portland and Sammy was diagnosed with Wolfe Parkinson White. I still don't fully understand exactly what it is. From my understanding it's when there is a piece of an extra cable in the heart which causes an irregular rapid heart beat. Her little heart was beating about 280 beats/min! They were able to get her heart stabilized within the first couple of hours by giving her an injection via i.v. that I found out later, stopped her heart! She was in the hospital for about a week and then she was on propranalol 3 times a day until she turned 1, with a EKG screening every couple of months. So a year, and tons of medical bills later she has grown out of the condition...It could come back, but it's not likely. I'm glad both our little one year old's are healthy now!

Abbie said...

Ok WEIRD Tiffany, I was totally going to comment the same sort of thing on here! hahaha
Katie-girl, you truly are an amazing momma and woman, and just know that even though you have some hard days, you still have mommas from all over looking up to you. Let's start a 'no mini-skirt wearing club' for our girls, shall we?! ;)