First Day of School ~ 2009

With the move came many big changes, including changing schools.  We used to attend a fabulous charter school that had a very strong focus on academics.  The girls were sad to leave their best buddies.  I was sad to leave such a great school.  It was small enough that you recognized almost everyone and knew many of the kids and teacher's names.  It felt comfortable and the education was top notch.  We tired to stay in the same area so the kids could continue there, but also looked in other districts that had good public schools.  Our new house is in one of the best districts in the state and supposedly their new school is the best in the district.  It is only 3 years old and received the best scores on the state standardized test.  We are hoping it holds up to our high expectations.
Our little cowgirl on her first day of 3rd grade!  She was very nervous to meet all her new classmates and start at a new school  She was quiet and when I asked her what she did at school, she replied, "learn."  Another big change is she rides the bus home (at her request).  This growing up business is hard on a mom.
Karlie on her first day of Kindergarten.  She was very excited and told us all about her day and all the friends she met.
Not a bad view from the playground.
My little ladybug Kaitlin also started preschool this year.  Max and I have been wrestling with if we should send her to the special education preschool program.  Kaitlin has a speech delay and qualifies for services through the state.  A speech therapist came to our house every week until she turned three at which time they transfer them to the preschool program.  At three years they go twice a week for two and half hours and at four they go four days a week for three hours.

It is hard to know if it will help her considering the setting of other speech delayed kids, kids with English as their second language, and kids that are developmentally delayed.  Her therapist assures me that it will help to be with teachers who specialize in speech, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have kids that can speak well as her model.  We are giving it a month and going to see how she progressing.  There are so many decisions to make as a parent.  It is hard to know what is right and best for them.  I am always left second guessing with one or the other it seems.
It was hard letting go...  I think more for me than her.  Sunglasses were my saving grace.  I could cry away and pretend to be smiling as they walked away.  When really, the tears welled up and then rolled down my cheeks.  I waved and blew kisses and  managed to contain the big cry until it was just Hank and me in the car.  It was so quiet and eerily still.  I felt something was missing.  Three little extensions of me that have been my constant companion for three months were suddenly gone to spread their wings.  Change is hard.


Courtney said...

I am sure you had the cutest (and smartest) kids at school today! I can't believe H is in 3rd grade already. Can't we keep them in our safe and sheltered nest forever? I am sure Hank will miss them too!

Blog a Blurb said...

It is so hard. Is this or that the right decision. We want to do the very best by our children and yet . . . it is indeed so hard. You can rest in the love you have for them that will make up for this or that misstep. You have good foundation for resting in that love.

john leopold, md said...

Little fashion plates they are. They all rate 10 on the cuteness scale, maybe a 12.

Can you believe this article in the4 Gazette on the K class. Think you've been busy =

T. Russell said...

Your little girls are so so cute! I am already dreading sending mine off to school and she's only 17 months! Heart-breaking!