Little Ladybug Baby Shower

I co-hosted my sister Kerrie's baby shower on Saturday.  I threw her shower for R.J 5 years ago to the day! But I must admit I am partial to girl baby showers.  Something about fluffy, ruffly, and tiny pink stuff makes it so fun.  Maybe it's the three little ladies that rule my world, but I really enjoyed putting this one together.  Kerrie's nursery theme is ladybugs, so I used that as the shower theme.
My mom bought a picture frame for all the guests to sign so she could always have it.
This was such a fun cake to make!  I have never done fondant bows before or made any of the cake the day before the event.  It was so nice to spread out some of the work over two days instead of rushing around.  Although I was still adding to it and rushing this time, it wasn't nearly as crazy as usual.  At least I got to shower and put make-up on this time. :)  I made the bows, flower on top, and part of the ladybugs the day before and then assembled the rest the morning of the shower.
The top tier was carrot cake with cream cheese frosting because that is the only kind of cake Kerrie likes.  But I figured a room full of women would need some chocolate, so the bottom layer was chocolate with buttercream icing.
I thought it would be cute to string a clothes line up and hang all the outfits she received up.  Guest always want to see all the cute baby clothes.  We added ladybug stickers to the clothes pins.  Jessica, the other co-host made baby Rayah's name.
We used fresh sunflowers throughout the house to brighten the room.  I also got a few glass bowls that we floated Gerbera Daisies  in.  With a few soft pink candles, we had the mood set for lots of "clucking" as Snork calls it and eating.  My Aunt Lisa brought her chocolate fountain that we dipped bananas, strawberries, raspberries, marshmallows, and pound cake in.  There was plenty of salty snacks to balance all the sweet too! 
Kerrie's favorite baby shower game is dress and diaper the baby.  Similar to a three legged race, you partner up with someone and each of you can only use your outside hand.  Together they had to undress, change the diaper and redress the doll.  Luckily I have three girls, so supplying a half dozen dolls was no problem.

We also played the matching candy bar game.  This game is great fun and almost everyone gets a prize.  You set up a memory matching board with the words relating to pregnancy and babies.  Cover the squares with post-its that are numbered.  Each time a guest makes a match, they get the candy bar that correlates to the match.
Engorgement = Mounds
Conception night = Skor
Triplets = 3 Musketeers
Twins = Twix
What Pregnancy Does to Moms = Air Heads
Diapers, Wipes, Formula = Payday
What you give to a newborn = Hugs and Kisses
Contractions = Whoppers
Umbilical Cord = Twizzlers
Baby Boy Names = Mike and Ike
Baby Girl Name = Baby Ruth
11 pound baby = Chunky
Hospital Bill = 100 Grand
Baby Poop = Tootsie Roll
Nursery Rhymes = Symphony
Epidural = Lifesavers
Breastfeeding = MilkyWay
I suggest finding your candy before choosing the words you will use.  I had to go to three places to get all the candy.  Walgreens has the best selection. Don't bother with Target.

We also played don't say "baby" or lose your necklace and guess how many candies are in the baby bottle.
Then we had everyone cut a piece of yarn how big they thought Kerrie's tummy was.  This one always gets lots of laughs.  You can pick the veteran moms out easily as you watch them eye and then cut their piece.

I am so excited to be getting another niece (I only have one and 6 nephews!).  I love you Bubbus and hope you know how special you are to me.

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