O Canada...

He has been at a 5 star resort.
I have been at
the Resort.

He has been eating fancy cuisine and attending Galas.
I had homemade mac-n-cheese and attended a Tea Party in my P.J.s!

He has been meeting important people from 30 different countries.
I have been entertaining the four most important people I know.

He has taken a tour of one of the most beautiful natural wonders.
I have taken a week long kid tour that left me wondering what I was thinking!

He has been learning the latest breakthroughs in Pathology.
I have been working on ABCs, colors, first words, discussing outer space and gas exchange.

He had trouble sleeping with all the quiet.
I had trouble sleeping with all the different kids in my bed.

He is tired.
I am tired.

He comes home.
I am home waiting!

Max has been in Banff, Canada all week for a pathology conference and we have missed him so much.  I think he missed us too.


Lacey said...

I'm thinking this year, we need to plan a trip away and the men can stay home at our home resorts. ;0) Glad Max is on his way home!

Courtney said...

YOu are so cleaver. Cute post!
BTW, I think your week out did his by a long shot, lol!:)