Today's Treasure ~ Allergy Temporary Tattoos

My friend Courtney told me about allergy temporary tattoos and I thought it was such a great idea but didn't think I would need them yet. That was until Sunday at church.

I volunteer in the nursery once a month and know the nursery staff well. I know the sweet songs they sing, the routines and I also know the kids get animal crackers for a snack. Unfortunately, the animal crackers are processed in a plant that use peanuts, so Hank can't have them. As a paranoid mom, I always bring him some Gerber puffs so he can have snack too. I know they all know about his allergies, but being a nervous Nelly, I still remind them every time I drop him off that he can't have the crackers and his puffs are in the bag.

After service when I went to pick him up, they handed me the diaper bag and a bag of Annie's Bunny snack. I routinely put snacks for all the kids in the diaper bag and thought nothing of it. I guess they thought anything in the bag was for Hank (like they should) and gave those to him. I had a mild panic attack as I read the ingredient list at lightening speed and saw it is made on shared equipment that also processes egg, milk, and soy. Thankfully nothing happened and he tolerated it all just fine. However, I began to think about what if I had a granola bar or some other peanut containing item in the bag. Until Hank can speak for himself, these might be handy to have around for times when I have to leave him with people who might not be so aware of allergies as we are.

The only draw back is how pricey they are. Ten bucks for only 6! I will keep searching but for now you can find them here at One Step Ahead


Courtney said...

glad I could help! Yikes, didn't know they were so expensive, but for a once a week deal it isn't too bad. At least it isn't an everyday necessity.

Blog a Blurb said...

What an awesome application for a these things! Very handy!