Karlie's 2 Wheels!

Ahh to be the first born. Every new milestone is carefully documented and recorded in the baby book. The first steps, first food, first tooth, first words, first pee in the potty, first day of school and of course the first time they manage to figure that crazy contraption we call a bike out. Now as you move on down the line in birth order, these milestones are still important but somehow don't attract quite the same attention.

I look at Hailey's baby book and it is overflowing with all the things that happened in her first five years. Then I shamefully glance at Hank's that I haven't touched since he was 6 months old. Karlie and Kaitlin fall in between. I always swore I wouldn't be one of those moms. Well, in keeping with my failures. I didn't document the first time Karlie learned to ride a bike on her own. We had just moved into our new house and she was desperate to ride in front just like Hailey. So we took the training wheels off and I figured she wasn't ready but I would give it a go just to show her I was right. I was wrong. She took off like she had done it before. After a few times of me running behind her just in case, she had it.

She hasn't looked back. This one scares me. She has an exceptionally high pain tolerance and not an ounce of fear. Bad combination. We have a huge concrete patio in our backyard that she makes obstacle course and jumps on. She often appears on the brink of out of control. She has endured more wrecks in 2 months than Hailey has her entire bike riding career. Yet Karlie rarely cries. She just gets back on and with a determined grimace tries her "sick trick" again. This was about the third time she had been on the bike. So I had to post about her success on the bike not only because my guilt was nagging me, but I wanted to show you how good she was before she kills herself. :0)


Courtney said...

She looks pretty proud of herself! Way to go dare devil Karlie!

Melanie Haggerty said...

Extreme Sports Athlete in the making. Get the girl some skis!!!

Lacey said...

Way to go Karlie girl!! She looks like a pro on there. Such a cute little dare devil.

john leopold, md said...

Make sure the little daredevil wears a helmet when riding!!