Pig Roast!

We had a pig roast BBQ with 50 of our friends and family to celebrate our new house. We have never had a pig roast and it was a fun way to feed a lot of people and a memorable experience.

I went out to the the farm and picked up the pig on Friday. The butcher kindly loaded him into the car for me and we were off.  When I got home I tried to lift him into the garage where I could cover him with ice. It would have been a great scene for funniest bloopers. I thought I would have no problem lifting 89 pounds. Wrong. As I lifted him out of the back I realized a little too late he was more than I could handle. At that point I didn't have enough leverage to put the half of him I was holding back in the car, so I pleaded with Karlie to grab the roller chair. She grabbed it and we flung his rear end on the chair. I was imagining what my well healed neighbors must be thinking as they see me struggling with a large pink body in a clear plastic bag with blood in it. Karlie was trying her best to help me as I wrestled the pig onto the chair while Kaitlin was standing motionless in shock and Hank was still strapped in his car seat screaming to get out(Hailey was still in school). Together we wheeled and drug Porkie to his resting spot. We carefully lowered him and covered him with ice. Next time I will make Max pick-up the pig!
Karlie was very interested in the pig and was poking its eyes and wanting Max to tell her about all the parts. She found the spinal cord especially interesting. Kaitlin on the other hand was completely grossed out and worried about the pig. She nearly cried when Max pulled out the juice injector and gave him a "shot." We tried to explain that nothing was hurting him, but she wasn't buying it. Maybe the blood running out of the pig's nose was too much for our sensitive little lady. Hailey was at horse lessons and missed out on all the gory fun.
Max had a lot of fun prepping the pig.  Although he kept comparing it to human autopsies which was a bit more information than I needed. :)
In a little over 5 hours Porkie was ready to turn to crisp the skin side.
We borrowed the pig box from our friends which made roasting the pig so easy.  Max just kept adding coals every half hour and we ended up with delicious shredded pork that we served with BBQ sandwich options.  Costco was my caterer.  With a few watermelons, chips and 5 large apple pies, we had a feast!

Everyone was very interested in how to cut up the pig.  Thankfully Great Grandpa was there to show Max a thing or two about butcherin a hog.
Karlie took the prize for most pork consumed per body weight. She would grab a shoulder or a rib and go to town. This is why we call her Karlie the Carnivore!
We set up the volleyball net and played a few games.  The only problem was that it was one of the warmest days of the summer and the sun was blaring down on us for most of the evening.  Aunt Kathleen lent us all her party gear.  The huge tent was a big blessing in the heat. I guess we will have to get a pool put in for the next party! :0)


Lacey said...

Okay, when you told me a Pig Roast, I had no idea you were going to pick up a poor lil' Wilber at the farm. I would have been right there with Hailey. But I guess you have to keep the skin and head on for the whole experience. Did it taste like pork you'd buy in the store? I love that big backyard! I am jealous. And Heck Yeah...get that pool!! We couldn't survive without ours- but then again- we live in Texas!! I am so happy for you guys and your new house!! I know you will make a bunch of great memories there!! Hope you guys are having an awesome long weekend!!

Courtney said...

What a fun party! Your yard is SO HUGE! I agree with Lace, get a pool-you'd still have lots of room to play!