Birthdays, Baby Showers, and Basements...

Last weekend was a BIG weekend, with a capital B!  Max took the three girls to California for Auntie Anna's 30th birthday.  They all had such a special time.  The girls were thrilled to get to take a special trip with daddy and I think daddy was pretty excited too.  He called me when they landed and said the trip was going perfectly except for the time when Hailey reached back to grab his hand to hold and knocked his soda in his lap.  Besides feeling like he had peed his pants for an hour, Max was happy as could be.  Throughout the weekend he kept commenting on how easy just three are.  :0)  I was saying how easy just Hank is.  Being outnumbered 2:1 is rough.
Kaitlin napped, Karlie drew and Hailey read her book.  Max said at one point he had nothing to do.  GASP!
Once the gang landed it was nonstop fun.
There were treasure hunts, feasts, and presents.
And lots of snuggles.
Hailey looking for her treasure.
Karlie getting snagged up on her hunt.
Kaitlin scoring a find!
We thought getting Anna an ipod touch was pretty cool, but nothing is quite as cool as a Mini.  GrammaNette and Anna now each have one and a certain someone is telling me that is what he wants for his commuter car.  Apparently these little guys are fast!

It was such a special weekend for everyone.  The girls were on cloud nine when they got home.  I am sad I missed out on the party weekend, but I had a little partying of my own to do and lets face it, traveling with an 18 month old is no ones idea of a good time.  So Hank and I enjoyed a special weekend of snuggles and undivided attention together.
On Saturday I hosted my sister Mel's Baby shower that Chrystyi and Kitty threw.  I have to say it was the most beautiful baby shower I have ever been to.  Every detail was planned for and executed.  Her colors were pink, orange, brown and lime green.  They had gerbera daisies in baby food jars with coordinating jelly beans, bowls and balloons that matched, Izzies that matched, and a beautiful diaper cake.  They did such a great job I think they could start their own business: Baby Showers By Kitty and Chrysti!
I thought these were the cutest lil pumpkins.
The food was outrageous.  A chocolate fountain with strawberries, bananas, cake, marshmallows, chips and dips of all varieties, cupcakes and Mimosa's.  There were 30 plus women clucking and laughing, but mostly eating.  You had to elbow your way into the island to get at the food. 

The clothesline idea is the perfect way to display all the adorable gifts.  Another great idea they had was a Onesie making station with puff paint.  Now Mel has 30 different fun Onesies for baby Corrin.  I will forever remember this as Hank yanked them off the table and they landed puffy paint side down on the carpet leaving a nice little stain.  Ah, see what you have to look forward to Mel! :0)
As for the games we played most of the tired and true: candy bar matching, guess how many candies in the bottle, don't say baby, and how big is Mel's belly.  But we played one game I have never played and really would be ok never playing again.  It was so disgusting, but I don't think I have seen so much laughter in any other game.

Chrysti melted various chocolate candy bars and put them in numbered diapers.  We passed the diapers and tired to figure out from sight, smell, and the brave ones tasted.
I am a veteran diaper changer but this game still managed to turn my stomach and I could not bring myself to taste any of the samples.  At least I managed to eat before the game.

It was such a busy day, I didn't realize just how cold it was.  It broke the 1905 record for cold and dipped to a mere 17 degrees.  We had our first snow of the year.  It was so quite and serene with just buddy and me as the soft snow blanked everything.
That is until the next morning when I went to put something away in the basement and heard running water.  That seemed strange since I wasn't running the washer or doing laundry.  I called Max and he quickly instructed me to run outside and check the sprinkler valve.  I had covered it with a blanket and could not see the water spraying out of it.  It had thawed and blown and flooded the basement.  The carpet made a "squish" as you walked by the window where it had poured down to.

With Hank's help I tore up the carpet, the carpet pad and mopped up two buckets of water.  Scott came to my rescue with the shop vacuum that I filled two more times.  We then put fans on it and let it dry out for few days.  Yesterday the carpet guys came and all is just like it never happened.
What a BIG weekend!


Lacey said...

That was a big weekend! I am so glad the girls and Max had fun and that you had an awesome weekend with little man- minus the flooding. I had no idea that happened in your basement. What a headache, but I am glad it is fixed now. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!!

Courtney said...

I love the clothes on the clothes line idea! What a pretty party ;)